12 Best Breastfeeding Products for the first time breastfeeding mom

As a first time breastfeeding mom I had no idea what I needed. I put together a list of some of my favorite and must have breastfeeding go tos #breastfeeding #breastfeed #breastfeedingproducts #breastfeedingmusthaves #breast #breastfed #ftm #mom #baby #babies #pregnancy #pregnant #babyproducts

As a first time breastfeeding mom I had no idea what I really needed and what was just a gimmick. I put together a list of some of my favorite products for you. I hope these help you on your journey & that you love them!

1. Nursing Pillow:

I still use my Boppy during almost all feedings. It makes nursing much more comfortable. When Lia was smaller it was perfect to set her on the side and use to football hold her. Now that she is too big for football we still use it to do the cradle or cross-cradle positions.

2. 1-2 extra nursing pillow covers:

I found that in the beginning I had to change my cover because of spit up or milk on it.

3. Nursing Covers:

Personally, I have not felt comfortable nursing in public without a cover. So I was really excited to find something cute and easy to put on. I fell in love with the scarf covers but as a newbie breastfeeding mom the scarf was too complicated for me. Then I found the Bébé Au Lait Muslin Nursing cover and it has been one my favorite. Now we have a milk snob cover we love to use. It’s nice to have two to keep one clean in case it’s needed. Lia gets really hot when she eats and I have found that my body warms up as well. Both covers are really breezy and fresh.

4. Lanolin Cream:

I had originally used the Lansinoh brand until I had an open wound on my left breast. I was recommended the Mother Love Nipple Cream. It healed my cracks fast.

5. Breast pads:

I prefer to use disposable breast pads over the washable kind. In the beginning before my supply was regulated I would leak really often and the washable pads would soak and it would go through my clothes. The plastic backing on the disposable pads stop it from leaking into my clothes. I tried many brands and I found my favorite ones are the Lansinoh Ultimate Protection Nursing Pads.

6. Nursing camis:

These are super comfortable and easy to feed with. I wear them to sleep some times as well.

7. Nursing bras:

I recommend waiting until you are close to your due date to get measured. I went to get measured first and have someone certified tell me what size they predicted then ran over to Target. The Gilligan & O’Malley are my favorite brand and a fraction of the price of many other nursing bras. Mind you there is no such thing as a “sexy nursing bra”, however Gilligan does have some cute ones with lace overlay. I highly recommend the Medela Sleep Nursing bras. I would live in them if I could!

8. Lansinoh Therapearl 3-in-1 pads:

For those days of engorgement these are a life saver! You can use it as a heat pack or cold pack depending on whether you are treating soreness or engorgement.

9. Hydrogel Pads:

These hydrogel pads provide instant comfort and a cooling feeling that you will love during those first days. I used the Medela brand but do know that there are a few other brands of them as well.

10. Breast milk storage:

Personally I used a mixture of the Medela storage bottles and Lansinoh bags. The bottles were used for short-term storage and the bags were used mostly for my frozen stash.

11. Pump:

I was fortunate enough to receive a double electric pump through my insurance. I picked the Medela Pump In Style Advance pump. I absolutely love it. My insurance only provided me with the pump and I found a great bag to go with it!

12. Breast Pump Bag:

I did a lot of research when buying a bag. I wanted a bag that I could take to work without it looking like a breast pump. I found the Sarah Wells bags online and love it. They have tons of designs and their customer service is great! There is enough space in the bag for all of your pump & parts as well as all of your personal belongings so your pump bag can be your only bag!

It was a trial and error and it took some time to find what worked for me. I hope you guys find this list helpful and that it takes a little bit of the stress off your back.

Try Some of My favorites!



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