My Second-First Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mother figures out there! This year I am celebrating my second first Mother’s Day. Sure, I have been…


Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mother figures out there! This year I am celebrating my second first Mother’s Day. Sure, I have been a mamma for 7 years, but this year is different. I have a home of my own with my own little family celebrating me as the mamma in their lives. So in a way it feels like my first Mother’s Day.

It is also my first Mother’s Day as a Mamma Bear of TWO! I did not understand how it was possible to love both of my little cubs as much as I do.

Clay picture frame Zoey made <3

With it being my second first Mother’s Day I struggled a little with how we are supposed to celebrate. It was not only my first year as a mom of two and my own home, it was also in a way my first year with an extended family. What that meant is we had 4 mammas to celebrate; my mom, his mom, his stepmom, and myself. I asked various friends what they all did and spoke to my partner about it. Of course, he said it was whatever I wanted, which lets face it did not make anything easier for me. My in laws planned a Mother’s Day brunch and invited my mom, which was perfect…until my mom could not make it. Then I was stuck trying to decide what to do again.

You see I suffer from something called being a “people pleaser” and I do not have the ability to say no. Many times I end up taking up more than I should and not taking care of myself and my needs and wants because I am too busy taking care of everything and everyone else. I am working on it, I have been learning that I am a human being and need to take care of myself and make sure I am happy. I think this is something most of us moms struggle with.

After all, how can I take care of my family if I don’t take care of myself? After what seemed like a massive headache I realized I was over thinking it! I mean come on Karen! We can just celebrate ALL WEEKEND LONG! There are enough days to have a day with just our four family and see all the mamma bears in our lives!

Which leads us to what is turning out to be the BEST Mother’s Day weekend ever, and I still have all day today to make it wonderful! Saturday morning Marcos and Zoey worked hard in the kitchen to prepare what has got to be the most delicious brunch ever! I was treated to a raspberry and cream cheese stuffed french toast, eggs, and a raspberry peach mimosa! Sure the kitchen was a mess and the dirty dishes were piled high, but I enjoyed my day so much.

Zoey then presented the cutest Mother’s Day gift she has made (a frame made from clay!) along with a beautifully decorated card and a song she wrote. Marcos then gave me his gift, a book by name of “The Fifth Trimester”. A book about the transition period for the working mom, past the pregnancy and newborn days and into the period where we try to find ourselves again, you see we love to get each other gifts we feel will inspire us. I am super excited to read it and I will make sure to share some of the insight I gain with you.

Now today it is Sunday morning and I am sitting in bed writing this piece, while Marcos takes care of the kiddos so that I can finally launch Mamma Bear Says on this very special weekend-my second first Mother’s Day! After this we will head over to Mother’s Day Brunch at my mother in laws and celebrate more of the wonderful Mamma Bears I am blessed to have in my life. So much fun, so much food, so much love on this-my second first Mother’s Day!

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