Zoey’s Summer Fun List

Family Portrait by Zoey


I asked Zoey for some help on writing a new blog and she was ecstatic! She has watched me build Mamma Bear Says and loves the chance to be a part of it. Little does she know my Instagram and website are full of pictures of her and Lia! The idea for this blog actually came from the planning I was doing for Zoey’s Summer break from school. Zoey is a very active child and like many others she likes to be doing things constantly, which can be a little tiring for us parents! So with next week being her last week of first grade I decide I better make some sort of calendar planning out something to do each day that she is home. I tried to think of activities we could do within our community or from home. We live in Southern California and I am not a fan of being out and about in 100 degree weather all day long. I had a list of some ideas (thank you Pinterest ) but figured I would speak to the expert herself and see what she came up with as well.

1.Go to the beach. Of course this is on almost all of Southern California residents’ to do list.

2.Go to the park. I am fortunate enough to live walking distance to a couple of parks & the playground in our gated community will serve as a park when Mamma Bear just doesn’t want to go more than 5 minutes away lol. Our calendar will include one park visit per week.

3.Go swimming. Our community also happens to have a pool about 30 feet from our home so I will be making good use of it and work on my tan while I am at it.

4.Go to a Michaels art class. At my last visit to Michaels I found a flyer for a very reasonable price it is called- Michael’s Camp Creativity. They offer $5 per session or $12 for 3 sessions. I plan to add a session every other week which would cost me a whopping $12!

5.Visit your local museums. Many of the local museums offer days where you can go for free or at a discounted price.

6.Movies at the park/beach. Check with your community centers as I have found many cities offer weekly movie at the park nights for FREE.

7.Concerts at the park. Just like the movies, there are concerts many cities offer for FREE.

8.Bubble Day: pick up some bubbles at your local dollar store and go crazy blowing bubbles outside

9.pick up some chalk and get to drawing

10.Go bowling

11.Visit your local library-check their monthly schedules for story times

12.Visit your local zoo. Where we live there are tons of small zoos with entrances as low as $2.00

13.Have a treasure hunt

14.make popsicles, such a fun, fresh, & healthy treat

15.visit a farm, this is always so much fun for my kiddos

16.go camping in your yard, or in my case-my patio!

17.fly kites

18.Grow a garden, your littles will love getting dirty & watching something they planted grow.

19.make a fort in your living room, Zoey loves this!

20.Check out any local fair

21.Tour fire station

22.Have an art day, whether it be painting or drawing or learning something like crocheting

23.check our your farmers market, or any farmers markets near you

24.Go for a hike. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and wear sunblock!

25.Look for local splash parks. Many community parks offer free splash parks


Most of all, enjoy your time with your littles. Summer break will be here before you know it and gone even faster! We would love to see your pictures and hear about any of your adventures!

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