The Tupperware Sisterhood

Last night I was a part of something amazing & truly heartwarming, and it all started with a Tupperware Party. I started my blog in May & through Instagram I found out about being a brand rep. I had no idea what I was getting along with the opportunity to represent some really amazing & talented shops! Little did I know I was becoming a part of a tribe-a group of people who were willing to move mountains for each other.

By now the story has been shared so much you must all know what I am talking about- one of our own, a member of our brand rep/small shop tribe, Jordan DeRosier, lost her sweet 7 month old rainbow baby Sloan. I learned of the news through Dorie Kirk, the owner of one of my favorite shops to rep for The Baby Bird Boutique . Dorie immediately riled us all up and encouraged us to take part in showing the DeRosier family all our support, being a mother of child loss herself she knew the importance of this support. When i read Jordan’s words & her story I broke down, and I have cried I think at least 2-3 times per day. As a mother it is just horrifying to see someone go through this. Jordan is brave, one of the bravest women I see out in the world & because of her strength there are so many out there being saved. Jordan’s courage has allowed her to speak out about her son’s death & warn many parents of the dangers of letting your babes sleep with blankets in their crib. Sloan & Jordan are saving the world, my own Lia included.

This tragic event sent the brand rep/small shop community on a rampage & ways to help began to pop up left & right. Shops have made special items & have contributed proceeds to the family, an auction has been made, donations are being taken, & yesterday one of the most beautiful gestures took part. For me, it all began yesterday morning when Dorie sent her teams a message telling us to join the: Tupperware 101 page on Facebook…guess what it was not a Tupperware party hehe!

The Tupperware Sisterhood was born on July 6,2017. Over 2,500 people got together to show Jordan & her family love & support. The Tupperware 101 page was really a group of beautiful souls organizing a mob Instagram post to break the internet in our own way! A beautiful image was designed with an equally beautiful quote & caption. Our goal was to post at the same time & flood everyone’s feeds with this image. The hours prior to the posting were filled with love & prayers from everyone in the group. It grew and grew and grew! This group of women, myself included, all feel such love for Jordan & such pain for her loss. We have all cried for her and wished we could hug her, we have all prayed for her, and we all continue to be here for support. It’s a loss no mother should ever have to face. Her story has had us all rushing to our babes beds removing blankets. Many of us have had sleepless nights while we stay up to watch our little ones sleep, because this now touched home. It touched our hearts, it touched our tribe.

At 6pm PST (my time) I put up the picture & watched my feed become flooded by the beautiful image. I kept checking the hashtag we used to see the numbers increase & I cried. I could not contain the happiness & sadness I felt all at the same time. Sadness for the DeRosiers & yet happiness to see such a community come together. I feel so honored to be a part of the Tupperware Sisterhood. Thank you ladies for this opportunity & for being the amazing people you all are. What we all did yesterday was such a reminder that we are never alone. Not only is Sloan’s story saving lives, Sloan brought us all together & reminded us of the power of unity & the love that exists for us all out there. The Tupperware Sisterhood will live in your memory Sloan. May your light continue to shine ever so bright. We love you.

Remembering Sloan Valor DeRosier
Forever our little warrior 


Mamma Bear



  1. Mrs A
    July 7, 2017 / 11:26 pm

    I’m completely heartbroken for this family. I spent most of last night, sobbing on the couch, so distraught as I read this story. I have two teenagers and a two year-old daughter, and of course, there have been extra hugs, “I love yous”, and “I appreciate yous.” I pray for this beautiful, loving family, that somehow, God will comfort them, give them some peace, and release them from any guilt. Jordan seems like a wonderful mother, and this could have happened to anyone. It pains me and so many others that she’s blaming herself for this, when she’s already suffering enough. Dear God, please give this brave woman and family peace and strength to face each day. I’m wondering if there might be an address we could possibly drop off a toy/present to, anonymously, for the big brother (as we are local). I’m sure this is very overwhelming and hard for him to understand, too. Words can’t express my desire to take this family’s pain away. God bless you all. If there’s anything we can do to help, we are here.

    • July 8, 2017 / 9:26 pm

      So have I. Since I heard of what happened I have not slept well. I am constantly up checking on my youngest I need the baby monitor screen on all night because if I wake up I need to see her right away. I find myself spending all my moments with them and making sure I soak up every minute. I wish some sort of peace. I cant imagine the guilt she must be feeling. We are all doing all we can. You can try to search her facebook page for information she has been very open with us and I believe you can try to find a place to send her something to. I cannot speak to this but if you seek out her facebook I hope you can find information =) thank you for lending your support

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