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Having a hat is a must have in our family. We love summer hats, baseball hats, floppy hats, all kinds of hats. Being protected from…


Having a hat is a must have in our family. We love summer hats, baseball hats, floppy hats, all kinds of hats. Being protected from the sun is very important. Hats are a must for our swimming days & Disneyland trips. Do you know what I love more than hats? Hats that grow with you! Yes!

Disclosure: I received this product for a review, but this is my 100% honest review of the product.

I am so excited to share these awesome hats with you. These hats by Twinkebelle Design are perfect to last your babes for years. Each hat has adjustable straps to help you adjust it to your babes head size. The hats are designed to adjust throughout a couple of years allowing you to get the best bang for your buck! Their hats provide snug fit throughout their use.  I love getting the best for my money, don’t you?

Why we love Lia’s hat

Lia’s hat is the Neck Flap Hat in waves. The pattern is gender neutral & so easy to match. The first time she wore it was for a walk in her wagon. Lia is a very warm bodied baby & sweats easily. The difficulty in finding hats for her is she starts to sweat right away. I love how the neck flaps cover her whole head and neck perfectly. She sat in her wagon relaxing the whole ride and protected from the harsh sun. Ready for the best part? When we finished our walk and I was taking her hat off I expected the usual sweaty, wet hair. NOTHING! Her head was completely dry and fresh! At that moment her hat won my heart forever lol! The breathable fabric is my favorite.

Perfect for wagon rides, just because, and for swimming! My kids are like little fish! They cannot get enough of the pool! Although her floatie is equipped with a shade, I feel it never really protects her well. Without hesitation I put on her Twinklebelle hat and headed for the pool. The protection from the sun was great. Zoey splashed and jumped around Lia all day. Lia splashed herself all day. Despite all the splashing the hat did not get heavy when wet. The hat absorbed minimal water and dried fast for ultimate comfort.

Why we love Zoey’s hat

Zoey’s hat is the Grey Linen Newsboy Cap. The color of this cap is once again gender neutral & matches with everything! Although Zoey’s hat did not make it to the pool with us it got an A++++ from Zoey on our walk. She loved how it could fit as snug as she wanted with the adjustable strap. The fabric is soft just how she likes it. The design is so cute and versatile. She wore it with a tank dress and loves it. Guess what? It is also made from breathable cotton and SPF 50! The protection from the sun these hats offer is a mom’s dream come true.

I can totally see why they have been voted “The Best Sun Hat” by SavvyMom. Functional, practical, and let’s face it they look so darn cute! These hats a must have year round & perfect for all weather! They also provided me with a code for all you lovey people to save ! Click to order yours and use code:  to save !


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