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In just 19 days my baby will become a toddler. That’s right, Lia Ryan’s first birthday is around the corner. Part of the preparation includes…


In just 19 days my baby will become a toddler. That’s right, Lia Ryan’s first birthday is around the corner. Part of the preparation includes her first birthday pictures! I wanted to make sure they were primarily her but also include a few of us as well! Lia’s outfits were picked probably about 3 months ago. Pappa Bear’s was easy, and that just left me.

Finding an outfit for pictures is much harder than finding one for any other occasion. Why? Well because there will be physical proof of how you looked to last a lifetime. Although these are Lia’s pictures I still want to look back and think “Well I look nice here”.

Disclosure: I received this product for a review, but this is my 100% honest review of the product.

PinkBlush came to the rescue. We decided on the beach as our location and I wanted to find something soft & flowy for them. I also wanted something casual at the same time. PinkBlush has a great variety of kimonos to choose from so that made it easy to find something to wear. I figured a cute kimono with a tank and rolled up jeans was the perfect look.

This PinkBlush kimono was beautiful, my friend & photographer Tiffany loved the colors of it. Our family outfits fit together perfectly!

How I Styled It

  • I wanted to wear something that wouldn’t blend in with the beach, but was still soft and subtle so I picked the floral kimono in blue-grey tones
  • Paired it with a pair of distressed jeans which I rolled up for a more “beachy” look
  • Wore a white tank top under to give the kimono a bit of contrast
  • Styled my hair in natural waves
  • Make up was natural as well
  • Wore a simple pearl bracelet

The kimono has such a beautiful pattern I did not need to overdo it with big jewelry. I was going for a simple and relaxed yet beachy look and got exactly what I wanted. The kimono did reach down to my ankles and flew perfectly with the ocean breeze giving our pictures depth.

After looking at the results I am so happy with my choice in outfit. My PinkBlush kimono hid what needed to be hidden and emphasized what I wanted. It is a beautiful add on to make a simple outfit pop and stand out. I can’t wait to throw booties with the same outfit during the fall and toss on top of a simple dress during the spring. Once again PinkBlush has the versatility you need to make their pieces wearable all year round! Don’t forget to get your own at PinkBlush !


  1. I have never heard of pinkblush. I like the color and pattern of the kimono. It fit perfectly with your family pictures. Looks like a fun day! Happy Birthday to baby girl!

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