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Zoey loves to have a home made lunch at school. We have a whole routine, if she likes what they’re serving at school she eats…


Disclosure: I received this product for a review, but this is my 100% honest review of the product.

Zoey loves to have a home made lunch at school. We have a whole routine, if she likes what they’re serving at school she eats there if not we pack a lunch. 3-4 week days she is bringing a lunch from home. Now that Lia is eating more and more solid foods that can mean packing a lunch for her too. I needed to find lunch boxes that would work with both of the girls.

What Did It Need?

  • easy to open/close
  • separate compartments
  • small enough for backpack
  • durable
  • easy to clean
  • BPA Free

As you can tell my list is not short. I did not want to use basic tupperware for their lunches. I was looking for something they knew belonged to them and them only. Not just a container for everyone else but something cute too that would get them excited about eating. Kids can be such picky eaters that presentation can some times make or break your meals.

Zoey was so excited looking at the cute colors Bentgo boxes have to offer. They come in two sizes: the Bentgo kids (slightly small-that’s Lia’s) & the Bentgo fresh (a little larger-that’s Zoey’s). Zoey picked the teal color for herself and we went with a purple one for Lia. The Bentgo fresh is great for older kids & adults whereas the Bentgo kids is somewhat smaller and the portions are made for younger kids and toddlers. Bentgo also offers a wider variety of lunch containers and accessories to fit everyone’s needs.

I love to find unique ideas for bento lunches for the girls. Zoey loves what she calls “homemade lunchables” and Lia, well Lia eats everything! Zoey loves her bentgo fresh and how easy it is to open/close herself and yet there are no spills ever! I love using the bentgo kids to pack Lia’s lunches & make it so easy to sit her down and eat herself during lunch time. Making sure our girls have fresh & healthy lunches is a priority in our home. We have adopted a healthy eating lifestyle and want to encourage them to do the same. It is so important to teach our kids to take care of their bodies. Being able to provide them with healthy meals on the go thanks to bentgo has been amazing! This lunchbox does more than store your food, it is a great tool needed for a healthy lifestyle.

What I Love About Bentgo

  • Easy to clean
  • Portioned compartments- this is perfect to help make sure we are eating the right amounts
  • Spill proof compartments- a must specially with kids
  • Made with food-grade FDA approved materials-Mamma loves to know her babies are using safe & eco friendly products
  • Compact- both styles are very compact and slim
  • Locking clips- great to make sure your box is sealed well
  • Bentgo supports Feed The Children- a nonprofit helping children & family who do not have enough to eat. I love companies who support great causes!

Both girls continue to enjoy fresh meals in their great bentgo boxes. If you are worried you won’t have any lunch ideas don’t worry. Along with your purchase you are gifted a FREE fun &healthy meal guide full of recipes with meals for you and your children! We have taken full advantage of this and continue to prepare Zoey & Lia healthy & delicious meals! Don’t forget to get yours HERE today & join us on our bentgo journey!

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