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As much as we try some times we cannot escape bad odors. Diaper pails. Trash cans. Kids forgetting to tell us they made a mess….


As much as we try some times we cannot escape bad odors. Diaper pails. Trash cans. Kids forgetting to tell us they made a mess. Parenthood is just stinky some times. The simple sprays can remove odors temporarily, but as parents we need something more long term. Most products only work to mask the stinky scents instead of removing them. Something we don’t have to keep spraying ALL DAY LONG for it to work.

Disclosure: I received this product for a review, but this is my 100% honest review of the product.

I cannot express how happy Pappa Bear was when we opened our package from Fresh Wave . Fresh Wave offers a variety of products for your home. Odor removing gel, pods, packs, sprays, candles, vacuum beads, laundry booster, and even pet shampoo. They have thought of all the ways to remove odors throughout your home.

Fresh Wave makes their products without the harsh chemicals. Their products are made with 100% natural ingredients.  They are safe for your whole family. The products we received were the: odor removing gel, fresh pod, odor removing packs, and the odor removing spray. Let me share a little bit about each product! I guarantee you would love them!

The Odor Removing Spray


  • clothing
  • ped bedding
  • backpacks
  • sports gear
  • shoes
  • trash cans
  • many more

We used the spray throughout our home. It was the first product we used and sprayed it in all of our rooms and the laundry room. From the moment you spray it you smell nature, no harsh chemicals. Although odor-free the scent of the natural plants comes through.

Odor Removing Packs


  • car interiors
  • gym bags
  • shoes
  • closets
  • boats
  • campers
  • bagless vacuums
  • trash cans
  • diaper pails
  • much more

The odor removing packs are super convenient to use. All you do is toss a pack into a small space and they will remove odors for 30-60 days. We immediately put one in our diaper pail and in our cars. It was nice not not to have that stinky dirty diaper smell when tossing a new dirty diaper. My car is the family car, the one with the family odors. After tossing a pack in I did not have any funny scents going on.

The Fresh Pod


  • Garbage cans
  • Closets
  • Boats
  • RVs
  • lockers
  • and more

Again super easy to use. All you do is take the refillable case out of the plastic pouch and peel off the adhesive back. Make sure you are sticking to a clean and flat surface & replace the pack every 30 days for optimal use. A big plus is when removing the pod it will not affect the surface finishes of whatever you stick it to. We placed ours in our garbage can. I love it. No more odors coming out of there!

Odor Removing Gel


  • Anywhere in your home
  • cars
  • boats

This was by far my FAVORITE of them all. I loved the gel because I was able to place it in any room in our home. We have an open living room/dining room area and found that to be the best place. All I had to do was simply remove the seal and place it in the middle of our living areas. This gel will last you 30-60 days.

We are so happy to be using Fresh Wave products in our now odor-less home. Having chemical-free products is very important to us. We like to use products that are not harmful to the environment or to our family. Fresh Wave has delivered that to us by providing products that use only natural plant extracts and water to make their products. These are definitely a MUST HAVE items for our home. Their slogan is “life doesn’t have to stink!” and I am so happy mine no longer does.



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