Non-toxic nail polish for kids

Having your first sleepover is like a rite of passage. Zoey had been asking to have my niece spend the night all summer long. Weekends…


Having your first sleepover is like a rite of passage. Zoey had been asking to have my niece spend the night all summer long. Weekends were difficult as we are always busy. Weekdays were hard too since Pappa Bear has to be up early. Finally we decided we would let her have it before school started. She had her first sleepover last Wednesday. So what did they do? Play with legos, watch a movie, go to the children’s museum, and of course polish their nails. No sleepover is complete without a little nail polish.

Zoey had been anxiously waiting for her Piggy Paint sets. She is a total girly girl and loves to have colorful nails at all times. When the mail arrives 8 different polishes were packaged for her. As you can imagine she was so happy! She knew polishing their nails had to be a part of the sleepover itinerary.

The girls played with legos, then we had dinner. After dinner we made sure they took showers and put on their pajamas. The girls made sure to use Zoey’s new Rock the Locks 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner. This 2-in-1 is not only safe for the environment and our kiddos, it also makes it easy for them to shower independently. I don’t have to worry about tangled hair after or applying conditioner to their hair. They came out with detangled, smooth, and clean hair. After they were showered and dressed  we put on a movie. We had plans the next morning so I had them in bed at a normal time.

The next morning I made them pancakes for breakfast and got them ready. I didn’t realize how much work it is to get two girls ready like this. Lia has no hair so I just throw a headband on her. I had to actually do both their hair this time! We made sure to use Zoey’s Rock the Locks Hairspray to keep their hairdos well kept all day. They were very happy with their hairdos.

The children’s museum was tons of fun but so exhausting. Polishing their nails would be the perfect way to keep them calm yet entertained when we got home. There were so many colors to choose from that they went with a rainbow mixture. Each girl picked 5 colors and had me polish each nail a different color. It was so much fun I even did my own toes. It was great to be able to do everyones nails and not have to worry about the strong chemical scent around the baby. Piggy paint polishes are made to be non-toxic and safe for your kiddos.

Why is Piggy Paint safe nail Polish?

  • non-toxic
  • low odor
  • water-based formula
  • hypoallergenic
  • cruelty-free
  • safe to use during pregnancy!

The girls had so much fun with their fun and vibrant polished nails. It was definitely the high light of the sleepover. They had so much fun they were already trying to pick the colors for the next time I polished their nails. Piggy Paint was the icing on top to a great sleepover!


    1. I don’t think I ever had an official sleepover either. I was a first generation in my family so it sort of makes sense. The brand is awesome. Amazon & Target carry both!

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