Shopping With Baby Must Have

Just about every store run errands to has a shopping cart. Target, all our grocery stores, even craft stores have them. I always struggle to keep Lia entertained and from trying to escape or slouch in the seats. I have shopping cart covers to keep her from chewing but I with kids you need variety to keep them from becoming bored. If you are like me you alternate between snacks, toys, and even gear. We finally have more shopping cart gear to share!

This Shopping Cart Hammock from Binxy Baby is a great addition! Now that Lia likes to look around and see everything it is even more perfect. She has the perfect visibility all around and is safe and secure where I can easily see her. This shopping cart hammock is a must-have in my books. Here are my top 10 reasons why you need to have one!

1.Easy to install & Safe

With a baby who has the time to take 10 even 5 minutes to put anything together? No? Yeah, neither do I. It took me maybe 30 seconds to SAFELY install this shopping cart hammock. The hammock has plastic rods that tighten around the side of the shopping cart. In addition to the rods there are velcro straps that tighten around holding the plastic rods and side of the cart together. It is made from very sturdy material.

2.Perfect for all ages.

It is made with 2 layers of upholstery weight fabric for extra support. You can use it as a car seat sling as well. Make it a car seat sling by safely place your baby in his/her car seat and tighten the clip around the car seat to hold safely in place. Once you are ready you can move your baby to lay on his/her own inside. The hammock holds up to 50lbs.

3.Beautiful & Soft Fabric

It is made with great and strong upholstery weight fabric. It is a soft fabric yet very sturdy. As moms as much as we love practicality we also love cute prints. Binxy Baby thought of all that with their designs. There are so many prints to choose from! There are also so many gender neutral designs for you to keep for your next babe.

4.Compact when folded

We already carry so much with us when we have kids. I got a bigger car when we found out Lia was coming and I still don’t feel like we fit well in it. Luckily, our shopping cart hammock folds up nicely and does not take up so much space. You can place it in your diaper bag or even leave it in your car.

5.You can fit your groceries

I remember when Lia was younger being faced with the grocery shopping dilemma. There were times she was asleep and I cringed at the idea of moving her. I would not be able to fit my groceries inside my stroller. What to do? I was not going to attempt to push a stroller with a shopping cart. The Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock makes it easy to place your baby or your car seat in it and have the space under them utilized for your shopping.

I love convenience and comfort. Tools and gear that can help make my day to day tasks easier and more enjoyable are my jam! Now Mamma Bear can get things done in peace! Target trips just go that much easier!



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