When I Grow Up Day at Pretend City

Pappa Bear and I are always trying to teach Zoey about different careers. Yes, she is only 7, but we think it is important to…


Pappa Bear and I are always trying to teach Zoey about different careers. Yes, she is only 7, but we think it is important to starting helping them figure out what they want to be. When she was 4 she wanted to be a ballerina. When she was 6 she wanted to be a teacher. Thanks to Disney Channel celebrities her new dream is to be a singer and actress. As she grows we know those choices will change and we want to continue to encourage that development.

Part of Zoey’s first sleepover itinerary was a trip to the Children’s Museum of Orange County-Pretend City! (Read more about her sleepover here ) I learned about a special event they were hosting called “When I Grow Up Day”. This even included tons of professionals throughout the museum and parking lot to give children information on their jobs. It was super fun even for me! There were buses, firetrucks, police motorcycles, UPS trucks, Army trucks, landscaping trucks, librarians, bakers, dentist, fisherman, hairdressers, ballerinas, and so much more.  There was something for everyone!

Each profession had stickers or goodies for the kids along with a hands on activity for them. We came home with tons of goodies and even a tomato seed to plant at home. The most important thing they took away from it was exposure to so many careers.

The girls had so much fun. Not only did they get to to ask questions and take a look inside of a SWAT truck (it was really cool), they also enjoyed a day at one the coolest children’s museums I have been to. Pretend City is well like a pretend city for kids. There is a grocery store, a library, art studio, doctors office, dentist, a house, farm, construction site, the beach, jail , and even the docks where you can fish. Every different part of this little city is equipped with props, costumes, & activities for your littles to get the full experience. They can spend forever at the farm & grocery store. There is just something about having shopping carts and shelves at their heights that they love. The activities are awesome.

The girls had a blast! Educational & fun what more can a parent as for? I definitely plan on returning to this event next year!


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