Baby Bundles Made Easy!

I think I have been shopping for babies since I had a job! Baby shower gifts, birthday gifts, and now things for my own kids too. What has really changed is the way I shop and what I shop for. Now as a mother of two I love to give gifts I loved to get or find super useful. AND I love to give bundles. I love to make gift baskets I put together with some of our favorite items.

Disclosure: I received this product for a review, but this is my 100% honest review of the product.

Incredibundles has revolutionized the way we shop. They have created a company which makes it so easy to give the perfect gifts and buy the perfect products for yourself too. You can choose from pre-made bundles themed from bath time to organic baby products to fit everyone’s needs. You can even gift a subscription tailored to fit the developmental needs of yours or a loved ones baby! If you can’t decide between bundles you can always create your own filled with all the products you love.

Creating my Bundle:

I was one of those that could not decide. Every bundle seemed to have something I liked. So we went with a create-a-bundle option. There are so many great items to choose from. You can choose from books, basic necessities, toys, sleep products, diapers, bath products, etc. I went with- 3 books, a 5-inch ball, and a set of hand puppets.


  •  “Touch and Feel Wild Animals” has with tons of textures which Lia loves. Her favorite is feeling the lions hair.
  • “One Naked Baby” is such a cute story and completely applies to Lia!
  • “Fluffy Chick” a soft textured book. We love to carry this one with us on the go. Very entertaining and full of activities and things for her to touch


We had been searching for the perfect ball for Lia’s little hands. This was probably the most exciting part of the bundle for me. She loved it and has not let it out of her sight since. Super light and easy for her to throw and fits perfectly in her hands. The Crocodile Creek Wild Animals 5inch Ball was perfect. Can you tell she loves wild animals?

Hand Puppets:

The Melissa and Doug Farm Friends hand puppets were another no brainer. She gets a kick out of play time with hand puppets. I love to make funny voices and hear her little giggles. I don’t even know if she knows what I am saying but I must be entertaining

When ordering a bundle you can choose to have it sent in a special gift box. Our bundle arrived in a great reusable box. It is easy to take down and save for the future. I found it to be a great place to store toys. Super cute with alphabet print and sturdy! What more could you ask for!

Ready for some fun news? I am hosting a giveaway! ONE Lucky winner will win a $50 Gift Card from Incredibundles to purchase your very own for yourself or a friend! You’ll be so thankful when you get to shop for a beautiful gift from the convenience of your home! For rules on how to enter head on over to my Instagram !


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