A Rug Can Make a Difference

I love to sit down and aw at those beautiful picturesque nurseries and bedrooms. How in the world do they look so perfect? How are…


I love to sit down and aw at those beautiful picturesque nurseries and bedrooms. How in the world do they look so perfect? How are they sticking to their color scheme so perfectly? I have a general color scheme in their room; teal, white, coral with gold accents. Lia’s crib was in our bedroom for about 6 months before we moved her into her room with her sister. When Lia was little I made sure to put those foam alphabet mats in the play area so she wouldn’t get hurt. Although practical, they made the room look strange. The bright primary colored mats did not go with the decorations all around. At the time it was the only option.

Disclosure: I received this product for a review, but this is my 100% honest review of the product.

I still don’t have their room quite finished. I feel like there are a few touches here and there missing, but for the most part it’s done. We removed those foam mats and in it’s place we now have a beautiful rug. Our rug is the Lorena Canals Aztec Natural in Vintage Nude. It ties in perfectly to their bedroom. It is the perfect color and now there is no off set in their bedroom.

About Lorena Canals Rugs

  • They are so incredibly soft, first thing Lia did was sit down and rub her little feet on it.
  • All rugs are machine washable. How easy is that? No spot cleaning needed or any special treatment simply put it in your standard size washing machine and that’s it!
  • All rugs are handmade. Designed in Spain and made in India
  • Eco-Friendly! Yes they are made with natural dyes & 100% natural cotton. No harmful chemicals here
  • These rugs are not super heavy they are extremely light and flexible.
  • Beautiful designs. There are so many designs to choose from it is incredibly difficult to pick. Luckily all the designs are so easy to match decor with or vice versa.
  • Proceeds support the Sakula Project  which helps provide schools for children in India. I love an organization that gives back!

With our Lorena Canals rug their bedroom looks more picturesque. It is the bedroom I want my girls to have and play with. The rug is the perfect size for their play area. Lia sits there all day long playing with her toys, rubbing her feet to feel the soft cotton, and I find great comfort in knowing it is made with natural products and safe for my baby.

This rug has definitely tied the room together. Although I can’t prevent the toys from being scattered everywhere and  the books off the shelving, I love to walk in there first thing in the morning and see it all clean and put together. I don’t think I could ever have one of those perfect nurseries or bedrooms you see in pictures. Life makes it a little difficult to do so, thankfully Lorena Canals Rugs make it a little more easy to get at least half way there.


  1. OH my goodness! I had never heard of these rugs but I am looking for one for my little girls room! I love the look it gives to the room. I will for sure be looking into these! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I think these rugs are lovely and can really make the difference in a room. I love teal, white and pink together and those little accents can really spruce up a room nicely.

  3. So true ,a rug can make the room feel more comfortable and look so much more finished. I love the one you’ve chosen

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