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We had ran into a bit of a situation a couple months ago-food going bad. No matter how fast we tried to eat there was always something that was getting tossed and wasted. It drove us both insane. We hate to waste food. The containers we had were not keeping our food fresh anymore and it was costing us. We needed something built to keep our food fresh.

Disclosure: I received this product for a review, but this is my 100% honest review of the product.

The Ozeri INSTAVAC Nesting Food Storage Container Set was perfect for that!

What We Loved:

  • It comes with 4 different sizes
  • Vacuum seal and locking lids- kept our food fresh
  • Easy to clean
  • BPA Free!
  • Stain resistant- I dislike when my containers get stained!
  • Freezer safe- Great to store foods for longer times
  • Dishwasher safe- a plus for Mamma Bear
  • Microwave safe- makes it easy to reheat
  • Dial on the lid lets you keep track of when you first stored the food int he container
  • Shatter Proof- a must with little ones
  • Sold on Amazon- shopping from home is the best!

These containers are amazing! We immediately placed our fruit in them to keep it fresh for longer. The first day I used them I forget they vacuum sealed and tried to open them by simply opening the lid and I could not get the lid to budge! They totally work! I had to open the top to let air back in and open the lid again.

It is so important to keep food fresh specially with little ones around. The set comes with 4 different sizes and one of my favorite ones is the biggest container. It is perfect for storing dinner left overs when we make meals in bulk. This is a must have set in your kitchen Mammas!

Get yours today!


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