Lunch Time with Nuby

With Lia officially and 100% weaned from breastfeeding we are cooking meals way more often for her. Her diet is now all table food and milk. We had to sort of “prepare” for this change. Now instead of relying on her to nurse for her nutrition we are having to prepare snacks and meals for her just like we do for ourselves. Not only were we looking for lunch time gear we also needed to find things that make meal time less messy.

Disclosure: I received this product for a review, but this is my 100% honest review of the product.

When selecting bibs for her now that she self feeds I had to make sure to find something that would be easy to clean. Lunch time messes can be a drag to take care of. The Nuby 3D Silicone Bib is a great addition to Lia’s lunch time gear. It is made from super soft silicone making it easy to roll up and toss in your diaper bag! You can easily wipe it clean without needing to wash it every time. The scoop at the bottom catches the food that doesn’t quite make it to her mouth. I have caught her digging through her scoop to get any leftover foods haha!

She loves to stare down at her bib and play with the cute owl design. You will find these bibs in 4 different colors and animal designs to choose from.

Plates are the trickier part. As soon as she is done eating she tends to toss over everything on her high chair! If there is food left it can be quite the mess. The Sure Grip Miracle Mat Section Plates by Nuby are great for tossers like mine. The nonslip base sticks to the flat surfaces and makes it difficult for her to throw it over her chair. It is BPA & PVC Free making it safe for her to use. You can pick from 3 different colors perfect for your little ones! This particular Sure Grip Mat has an integrated section plate. We make sure to feed Lia a variety of foods and she likes to eat her foods separately and one at a time. I love the size of this plate- it is a great size for on the go. We look like pros when we go out to eat and pull out our plate that keeps Lia from being so messy.

A week into no full meals for Lia and so far it has been a success. We can’t prevent her from making messes but our lunch gear has us set up for success. Less spills, less messes=happy Mamma Bear !

You will be able to find the 3D Bib & Section Plate soon at your neighborhood Babies R’ Us !

Don’t forget to head on over to Nuby USA’s pages for new products & so much more!


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