15 Things That Make Being a Girl Mom Awesome

I am a mama bear of girls x 2 ! Each time I swore I was having boys, each time I was wrong. I sometimes do things or say things that make me a total girl mom! I see my friends and their struggles with their sons and I just sit here and shrug. I do not know those struggles yet!

I love being a mom. And being a girl mom is AWESOME! The dress up, dance parties, and cute clothes are the just a few things I love.Read all 15 here!

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My friend Corinne from Happiness in Homemaking is my east coast doppelganger. We have such similar life stories, down to the age of our kids. Except, Corinne is a boy mom & I am a girl mom. In talking about life I came to realize I knew nothing of being a boy mom & she knew nothing of being a girl mom. So we decided to write these posts for each other & for you!  Check out 15 Hilarious Things That Make Being a Boy Mom Awesome

1.Princesses & Dress Up:

I love being able to buy them those pretty  princess dresses. Dressing up and running around in fairy wings & being Elsa for the day is a totally normal thing for us!

I love being a mom. And being a girl mom is AWESOME! The dress up, dance parties, and cute clothes are the just a few things I love.Read all 15 here!
“Let’s just throw on a crown and wings for the day”-Zoey

2.I don’t need to worry about teaching them to aim:

Potty training is the same for #1 & #2 ! No worrying about teaching them to aim or pee messes all over the bathroom.

3.We didn’t have to make the circumcision decision:

I was seriously sweating having to decide this before we found out what we were having.

4.They can go into the restroom with me:

Although I would make my little boys go in with me, it’s so much easier for me to be able to freely and calmly bring them into the women’s restroom with me.

5.Everything is sparkly and full of glitter:

The more sparkle it has the better in their books. It makes shopping for anything easy! I thought it was just Zoey now that she is older, boy was I wrong. Lia is drawn to anything that sparkles. She loves to play with people’s jewelry!

6.Hair bows:

I am obsessed with hair bows. Hair bows, hair ties, hair clips, headbands, you name it I love it & I get to take full advantage of them wearing them all the time. I love to shop for matching sets and themed out ones too! The best part is when Zoey no longer wears them Lia can!

7.They’re cuddle bugs

Zoey is 7 years old and still hugs me and gives me a kiss good-bye or hello. No need to be “cool” with her friends…yet. They love to cuddle and hug all day long. I am not going to turn down some cuddle time!

8.The Clothes

There are so many options and so much you can do with shopping for your little girls. Skirts, dresses, pants, shorts, tops, rompers, the possibilities are endless

Romper: The Baby Bird Boutique


Just like with clothes there are so many options. Accessories, hair styles, hair cuts, trendy do’s. So much to choose from.

10.Hand-me Downs

I feel like this is way more common in the world of girls. And I don’t just mean the I-must-save-these pieces from Zoey to Lia, I mean in general. Maybe it’s because there are so many cute clothing options out there that we buy so much of it & just love to hand them down.

11.Having dance parties

Nothing beats starting the morning with a dance party. I’m sure boy’s have dance parties too?

12.I’m a dance mom:

So maybe I am vicariously living through her but I LOVE having Zoey in ballet. The tutus and ballet shoes and hair buns make this mama so happy. Don’t worry I’m not one of those crazy dance moms…at least I don’t think I am.

She LOVES her ballet class. I mean LOVES it!!!

13.The Father-Daughter Bond:

This is probably one of my favorite parts of being a girl mom. I get to watch the relationship between the girls and pappa bear grow. I love to see how happy they get when he comes home, to hear Zoey trying to learn about sports with him, and just the way they make his heart melt.

14.I get to raise BOSS GIRLS:

There is something amazing about knowing that I get to be a part of this new generation of mothers raising empowered daughters. Teaching them to be kind and powerful, not to be afraid to speak her opinions and say no. Big changes will come because of the new generation of little women we are raising.

15.They are BFFs

The bond that these two girlies of mine have is amazing. They love being with each other & making each other laugh. The age gap meant nothing for them. Lia loves to look up to her sister & adores her to the max.

I have no idea what my life would be like without my two best friends. The fun we have together dressing up or doing each others nails is irreplaceable. Singing at the top of our lungs to our girl Katy Perry on our way to school & watching Lia laugh and yell along are memories I can’t image being any other way than with my two little girls. They are definitely made of sugar, spice, & everything nice.

I love being a mom. And being a girl mom is AWESOME! The dress up, dance parties, and cute clothes are the just a few things I love.Read all 15 here!

I love being a mom. And being a girl mom is AWESOME! The dress up, dance parties, and cute clothes are the just a few things I love.Read all 15 here!

Are you a boy mom? Are a girl mom? Are you both? Share a little of what makes your kiddos awesome in the comments below.





  1. October 23, 2017 / 7:17 am

    Karen, you did such a great job with this post, I LOVED reading it! It was so much fun collaborating with you! You know, I didn’t even think about the restroom thing in my post – I totally have to drag the boys into the women’s restroom (I’ve heard and read too many horrible stories!) or the family restroom.

    I wonder what #3 will be for us both – maybe we are in for a surprise ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL at least we can be semi-prepared? XO

  2. October 26, 2017 / 8:30 pm

    Our oldest is a girl, and its the best. She is my sparkle during th day and i couldnt imagine life without my mini me!

  3. October 26, 2017 / 8:40 pm

    This is so beautiful and itโ€™s so true I grew up with all girls! But lucky my no I have all Boys x4 how funny but I would not trade them for the world! Good post to read. Girls are precious.

  4. October 27, 2017 / 5:04 am

    Girls are so much more fun! I had my son first. Although I love him dearly, I was so excited when my second turned out to be a girl because #girlstuff is so much more fun lol!

  5. October 28, 2017 / 8:20 am

    I am a boy mom and my best friend is a girl mom. We have compared the two before and it is kind of hilarious! I do hope to have a girl someday though ! And she just found out she’s having a boy !

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