Halloween Table Decor Under $10

Halloween Table for your party Time !!! Your Halloween Party doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You are already bearing the expense…


Halloween Party Decor

Halloween Table for your party Time !!! Your Halloween Party doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You are already bearing the expense of costumes for your whole family, treats for school, and treats to hand out the night of. But how fun is it to see all your friends and family dressed up? With a few old things and a budgeted trip to Dollar Tree you can set your own table with money to spare!

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I partnered up with my friend Tiffany from Tiffany.Anne Photography to show you all how easy & cheap this can be!

halloween party table

  1. Tableclothes

    An old piece of fabric or blankets will do. Remember it is Halloween so old, dirty, torn means spooky. Let it keep its charm! This table has two pieces of fabric that were just lying around. If you can’t find anything plastic ones will do just fine!

  2. Orange Napkins

    You can buy the Halloween decorated ones or get more for your dollar and buy simple orange ones.

  3. Pumpkins

    These pumpkins also courtesy of dollar tree!

  4. Vases

    You can find them at any dollar store too. Some filled with a few candy corns (dollar tree) and others with webbing (also dollar tree) ! The branch inside were also from dollar tree and were spray painted black to add an eery vibe

  5. Webbed baskets

    The baskets are on top of Dollar tree wine glasses. Inside are some tasty treats. These baskets were just old ones found lying around. You can spray paint any wired basket in black for the same look.

  6. Extras

    For a little extra spooky touch, Dollar Tree has these spooky battery operated candle sticks. The candle sticks have a skull detail towards the bottom. Safe to have around your kiddos and still add a spooky feel. Then just sprinkle some spider and pumpkin shaped rings for a little extra flare.

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You can pretty much set this table up with less than $10 ! Look around your home for old baskets and props you could spray paint or Halloween-up easily. Adding webbing to any halloween decor gives it that final ghostly touch.

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In addition to a fun Halloween family party we have put together an event for our local SoCal families!

What: FREE Halloween Pictures

Where: Pioneer Park, San Dimas, CA

When: October 14, 2017 from 10am-12pm

Additional details HERE

*First 50 families will get 1 FREE digital image. Limit 1 per family. Hope to see you there!


  1. Cute and simple! I am not a Halloween fan but my husband is so we compromise and decorate for fall now with a few Halloween things here and there.

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