Bringing Sexy Back

Want a naturally lifting push up bra ? I have the one for you! Definitely has helped me feel like my old self after having kids #ad #pushupbra #bra #postpartum #lingerie #body

I remember when I started breastfeeding I was told the girls would never be the same. By the girls I mean my breasts. Boy I wish they were wrong. Out of all the parts of me that have changed the most since having Lia , the girls are definitely top 3! Let’s just say they’re not who they used to be (HA!), and I am always in desperate need of a little push.

If you suffer from the same post-pregnancy and post-breastfeeding breast problems as myself you need to try UpBra !  Heck you just need to try UpBra no matter what! They are not your ordinary push up bras full of padding. UpBra’s lift and cleavage control system provides you with a more natural lift. For me, the more natural looking everything the better! I know you are wondering how the heck does it lift without any excess padding?

Well…on the inside of the bra there are two clasps which you can pull and tighten to give you a greater lift. Super easy to use! With UpBra you can actually control how much of a push and how much cleavage you are getting, making it in my eyes the perfect bra for all occasions. I know you are wondering whether the clasps bother me, and the answer is no. They are so comfortable you can’t even feel the clasps.

Not only do you have this awesome control system, the cups are lined with these gripped hearts to make sure they stay where you want them! These gripped hearts are the perfect addition to their strapless and convertible bra! It means none of that tugging and pulling that makes strapless bras a nightmare! Like come on, I do not have the ability to make sure my bra stays up while making sure my toddler doesn’t run away!

With a toddler my life has become about comfort and functionality while still searching for a bit of umph. The balance of being comfortable enough to run after her while still feeling like I look my best all while learning to love my new body is quite the juggle. UpBra provides me with the ability to do all 3. Keep those strapless & low cut pieces coming, I’m ready! Mamma is bringing sexy back!



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  1. December 27, 2017 / 1:27 pm

    Wow,wish I had seen this when there was pre christmas sales,still this is a must have for me, thanks for sharing.

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