How to wear your romper in cold weather

Winter is upon us! Check out these great ways to wear your romper in cold weather. Look great while keeping warm is key for your little ones. Fashion. Outfits. Kid Fashion.

Winter is here! No matter what type of Winter you are having The Baby Bird Boutique has something for your little one. I used to wonder “What the heck am I going to do so Lia can wear these rompers when it’s cold?” So silly of me to think of that now. You would be surprised the things you can do and all to keep these beauties worn all year round!

Grabbed a few fellow Baby Bird mammas to show you how they do it!

3 Different baby girls, 3 different rompers, 3 different ways to winter it up! The level of wintering you do will depend on how cold it gets where you live.

Look One

@_miss.ella.rose Ella is rocking out her solid romper with white tights and a red cardigan to have her looking super festive!

Bow * Necklace

Look Two

 @brightspotphoto How cute is Eleanor in her vest!!! We all need one of these!!!

Bow * Flats

Look Three   Paired up Amaya’s romper with some tights, super cute flats, and a soft bow ! Super easy right? And who doesn’t have some tights stashed away!

Bow * Tights

More Choices    Wear your romper as a top! YES! Jeans and a cardigan for the win!

Bow   How cute is this outfit- bloomers, tights, and a cardigan!

Bloomers * Tights * Bow * Bracelets 


@millicents_everything What a cute way to style a jumper dress! Tights and a long sleeve onesie underneath for the win!

Headband * Tights * Bib * Onesie 

Another one of my favorite looks comes from@la.vieve.rose ! Such a cute look! Plaid romper paired with a long sleeve under and knee high socks!


Well I learned that I need to get more tights for Lia and some cardigans to have her rocking her rompers! These are a few of the ways you can keep your little one warm while they rock their Baby Bird Boutique pieces. The beautiful prints will keep on coming TRUST ME & you won’t want to miss out!

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