5 Tips to Care for Your Skin This Winter

Tracking PixelThese 5 tips to care for your skin this winter are a must! Winter can be harsh on your skin. Learn ways to help nourish it and keep you smooth and healthy. skin. skin care.

This Post is Sponsored by Dove, however the opinions expressed and shared in this post are 100% mine.

Winter time can be harsh on your skin. Whether you’re facing snowstorms or the occasional cold winds like myself, we need to take extra care. Aside from the harshness the cold brings, our skin is also working on recovering from all that tanning under the summer sun. Thanks to Dove Dermologist Dr. Alicia Barba and this sponsored post by Dove I have some wonderful tips to help you take care of your skin in the Winter.

1.Put A Pause to Exfoliation

If like me, you love a good exfoliator-put that baby down! Dr. Barba tells us the removal of all the dead skin can actually lead to the dehydration of it. Why does this happen? When we exfoliate we are ridding our body of oils needed to keep our skin smooth. We tend to think ridding our body of the dead skin will do us good, but in reality it does not. I have put an ease on the exfoliation for the time being to prevent any more breakouts.

2.Sunscreen Is A Must

I am totally guilty of not using enough sunscreen! I think we associate sunscreen with summer and our days out by the pool or at the beach. In reality we need to be wearing sunscreen all year round to protect ourselves as best we can. Dr. Barba recommends switching to a moisturizing sunscreen to help with the winter dryness while protecting your skin from those harmful rays.

3.Change Up Your Cleanser

Make sure your body wash has a moisturizing element to it. I have made sure my body wash is a moisturizing one as well as making sure I am applying a moisturizer after my showers. Aside from uncomfortableness you get from dry skin this can lead to serious skin problems, says Dr. Barba.

4.Don’t Forget The UnderArms

Your underarms are such a sensitive area of your body. Making sure you are using a moisturizing antiperspirant like Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant is a great way to take care of your underarms. Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant provides 48-hour odor and wetness protection, plus added skin care benefits for softer, smoother underarms. With all the layers we tend to throw on during the Winter it is very important to remember to care for our underarms. Dove Advanced Care comes in so many different scent options for you too making sure they have something for everyone. I never thought I would be spending 30 minutes trying to pick my favorite Dove Care scent! So many great choices!

5.All About Routine

I love routines. They keep me organized. Getting into routine is a way to jumpstart me into adopting good habits. Dr. Barba states bed time is the best time to hydrate your skin. For the decrease in collagen breakdown she recommends following these 3 steps right before bed: wash your face, apply a retinol, and moisturize. And who isn’t trying to decrease collagen breakdown! Let’s stay looking young forever!

I always thought I had all the time in world to take care of my skin. I quickly realized that with every day that passes my skin changes and I must continue to find ways to care for it. Thanks to Dr. Barba we now have these wonderful tips to help us all care for our skin more effectively during these Winter months and help its restoration after summer. Don’t forget to pick up your own Dove Care   products for the ultimate care!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant.


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