8 Reasons You Must Attend A Bridal Expo

The wedding planning has just been jump started! Although I had been actively seeking venues and pinning away all the ideas I loved, Marcos had…


The wedding planning has just been jump started! Although I had been actively seeking venues and pinning away all the ideas I loved, Marcos had felt really relaxed. That all changed yesterday! We now have lists, goals, and deadlines we set for ourselves. Don’t worry I will get into those details next week! What changed? We attended our first wedding expo- Bride World !

If you are planning your wedding attending a wedding expo or bridal show is MUST! From the vast selection of vendors to the special deals its a must do! wedding, bride, bride to be, wedding planning, wedding time, vineyard wedding, destination wedding, wedding dress, wedding party, wedding reception, wedding ceremony, wedding flowers, wedding venue

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I decided to attend this first expo with the fiancé vs bringing my mom or matron of honor. Why? I thought this first round would be great as a couple to get an idea of what we liked and what not. So happy he came along, he had a blast! I definitely recommend attending a wedding/bride expo as you are planning your wedding. Aside from the obvious fun there is so much more you can gain from it!

1.Your Wedding Shifts Gears

Marcos thought we were okay on time and everything was dandy until we showed up here. It really set him into planning mode. We realized although we have time, time flies! He walked in feeling uncertain about the expo and walked out feeling super pumped to wedding plan! Seeing all the displays, vendors, and options made him really excited!


We had a blast talking to vendors and making connections. I left my cards and really made sure to make conversations with vendors I was truly interested in. I figure this will come in handy when I start to call around and make appointments.

3.Tons of Vendors for EVERYTHING Wedding

When I say tons, I mean TONS! There was one convention room filled with maybe 200 vendors. Florists, stationary, DJs, suits, cakes, photographers, travel, venues, dresses, accessories, hair & make-up, you name it! If it’s needed in a wedding they had someone there! We made our way around every aisle and found some really great options.

4.Exclusive Sales

Many of the vendors had exclusive sales set up just for the brides that day. Some vendors had exclusive items for the show and others had savings just for the attendees. They ranged from a percentage off to special photography package specials. Some vendors even gave you vouchers for money off their items.

5.Freebies for You & Your Wedding

Who doesn’t love freebies? First of all, before entering we were given this bag full of information for the show and a copy of The Knot Magazine. I was extra excited for that! There were raffles for free trips, dresses, suits, djs, you name it! All you had to do was enter the raffle and cross your fingers.

6.Seeing is Believing

We loved being able to see these items in person. Venues had sample tables set up to show you their work. Photographers had tons of books and images to show your. Floral arrangements were set up too! And DRESSES- there were dresses everywhere! Made a huge difference to be able to physically see their work.


First of all, there was a fashion show! A show full of wedding dresses. Seeing a dress in person on someone is so different than seeing them hanging. Loved it! There was also a planning information sessions. The resources you get from these shows are amazing!

8.Unique Items

I found so many unique items that are now on my must have list. Super cute shirts that I definitely need to own at least one of lol! Custom hangers, hats, make up bags, and awesome ring plates. I am a huge fan of minor details-specially when planning a party. Bride World had so many to choose from.

Our trip was a huge success. We grabbed business cards for everything we loved and I am beyond excited to start making moves. Believe me when I say this won’t be my last wedding expo. Once we select our venue I plan to attend near our venue to find their local vendors! You can find your local wedding expos and bridal shows by searching The Knot or Wedding Wire !

Don’t forget to check back every Monday for my new Miss to Mrs Series! You can find them all HERE !


  1. I have been married 18 years and bridal expos are still one of my favorite events. So much creativity and organization in one place makes my heart sing! Congrats and best of luck with your planning!

  2. We loved going to our wedding expo – we tied the knot in the outer banks, and it was nice seeing all the different vendors (especially the food!) and what they could bring to our big day! So glad you had a wonderful time – can’t wait to see more updates!

  3. Well, I’ve NEVER in my life heard of this. It sure does seem like lots of fun. I’ll definitely have to see if they have some around my area for the future.

  4. I am so glad you enjoyed the expo! I am a wedding invitation vendor your visited – I see my notebook with my “mint to work together” package in your picture 🙂 Thank you for that!
    I hope to talk with you soon about creating your custom invitations!!

  5. Indeed a good expo worth attending. Photographers with their work and the bridal dresses worn and exhibited does help choose wisely.

  6. I love this! I actually just went to our local bridal expo last week and it was amazing! I collected so many business cards and samples!!

  7. Wedding planning is such a blast. If I had more spare time I’d love to plan parties for people! Going to Expos will really give you an idea of what is out there. So fun.

  8. Good luck with the wedding planning! That is so nice you went with your fiancé, as usually they get left out! Mu husband just showed up at our wedding as I planned everything with my mum.

  9. Though I am single, I will definitely recommend my friends who may get married to attend a bridal expo when that planning time comes. I think it would be very beneficial for them!

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