The Story of Us

I’ve always thought of how lucky I feel to have such a wonderful man by my side. Neither one of us had a “traditional” life and we each went through our own trials and tribulations. Some how these two crazy people ended up together. With all this wedding planning I thought you’d like to hear a little bit about the story of how we came to be. Just like our lives, our love story is not your traditional story. Traditional or not, it’s ours. And it’s my favorite!

Who doesn't love a good love story? Not one story is the same from the other one around. Everyone has their story, this is ours. engaged. wedding planning. wedding. love story. couple. wedding bells. tie the knot. wedding plans. wedding planning.

When We Met

Once I heard someone say most people meet their soulmate by the time they are 21. Whether or not they know it is a completely different story, like us. I met Marcos when we were in the 6th grade! Our group of friends was the same one until we parted for high school. No, we never dated. No, I never had a crush on him. We parted ways and that was that. For 10 years we did not speak to each other, we did not see each other. So how did two people reconnect after 10 years? The world wide web!



When We Reconnected

One day cleaning out my old room I found my memory box full of old photos from middle school. I know what you’re thinking, but no I did not look him up. I went about my day and put my photos away. About 4 days later he popped up on that good old “People You May Know” and I hit request! Being old friends we began to catch up and decided to meet up for lunch. At the time we were both in our last semester of college and were working on our next chapters. After that day we were together every single day. If not in person, by phone, Facetime, you name it!

How We Continued

We endured a 2 year long distance relationship while . he worked in the beautiful city of San Francisco. Back and forth we went week after week. I considered myself a part-time resident of that beautiful city. Then one day we found about Lia. We were expecting our first baby together and everything changed. We needed to set roots, we needed to stay put. He made the moves he needed to and relocated back to our sunny Southern California.

Where We Are Now

We now live in Southern California with our two girls, and I am thankful for him every single day. You see as a single mom finding the right person became much more complicated. I did not need just someone who wanted to be with me, I needed someone who also wanted to be with her. In him I have that. He understood what our life would be and has nothing less than amazing with her.

This past November he proposed. You can read all about that HERE . Now we are knee deep in wedding plans and enjoying every moment of it. We spend our time looking at venues, asking our bridal party, and planning what is to be a super special day. Stay tuned for weekly updates with my new blog series: Ms. to Mrs. Mondays =)



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