5 Questions You Must Ask Your Baker

This week has been tough. Not with wedding planning, but just in general. So as I sit here with a glass of wine in my…


This week has been tough. Not with wedding planning, but just in general. So as I sit here with a glass of wine in my hand I’m going to share with you some very important questions when choosing a baker. Choosing a wedding cake in our opinion is a very big key part of the wedding. Many times you find cakes that look beautiful but don’t taste as great. Other times you find cakes that taste amazing but don’t look that great. Like any other couple, we want the perfect balance. We want a cake that looks nice and tastes amazing…you know the cake that will be talked about for years to come. Lucky for us, we found our perfect balance. Laura Marie’s Cakes are literally the MOST delicious cakes we have ever tried…EVER! Some of these questions we did not even realize we needed to ask, Laura answered them before we even knew we should have them!

We wanted a wedding cake to be talked about for years to come! We found that in Laura Marie's Cakes! These 5 questions will help you find your dream baker too! wedding cake, cake, cake time, cake tasting, wedding, wedding planning, wedding time, wedding , weddings, bride, bride to be, couple, engaged

1.How long have you been baking cakes?

Experience is important. When talking about anything wedding related, experience is key. Laura shared she has been baking bakes since 2005 and began focusing solely on wedding cakes in 2009. You definitely want to find someone who has been baking cakes for a while. This provides you with some real brides experiences and testimonials to review.

2.Where do your ingredients come from?

We did not realize what an important question this was. Part of Laura’s introduction included sharing where her ingredients came from. We love to support locally grown businesses and were thrilled to learn that Laura uses ingredients from her local farms and makes everything in house. The taste of the fresh ingredients was apparent as soon as we took that first bite! We are still here reminiscing on the deliciousness of her cakes!

3.Who sets up the cake?

We had no idea how reassuring the words “I am the only one that touches the cake” would be. Laura makes the cake and delivers it to your venue herself. From the moment the cake is being made to the moment it is being set up at your venue the only hands dealing with it are hers. You want to make sure you know who is the responsible party for your cake.

4.How many flavors can we have?

Depending on the size of the cake was the amount of flavors recommended. With a 75 guest wedding our cake will be a 3 tier. It seemed silly to have 3 flavors considering the top layer is relatively small. Laura let us know she recommended 2 flavors and that thought was perfect. Now the questions is what flavors to choose?!?!?!?!

5.Have you worked at our venue?

Believe it or not, this was also a question that added to the trust factor. Our venue greatly recommended Laura and we can totally see why. Finding a vendor with a good relationship with your venue makes the whole day of experience much more a breeze. They already know how to work together.

Our cake tasting experience was amazing. We were able to try delicious cakes and enjoyed the conversation and planning part with Laura. A super bonus was that she stated we are welcome to come on more sample days and pick up to-go boxes. This will give us the opportunity to try more flavors and help us decide what we want! You bet we will take advantage of it!

Go check Laura Marie’s Cakes on Instagram! You will love just browsing through hew beautiful work!



  1. This is so important! I am so glad i read this. I would have never of thought to do this. I’m ready, now I just need to get engaged…..

  2. Yes very good questions asked. After all it is once in a life time matter. I am sure the cake will be good from such a dedicated baker.

  3. This is great! I remember the blur of picking out our cake, and of course cutting it at the reception. But, when I looked back at the pictures, I realized it wasn’t even the cake we picked out, lol! It was tasty though

  4. Ooh, those all look so delicious! Cake tastings was one of my favorite parts of wedding planning! And you know you’re dealing with a professional when they answer questions before you even think of them!

  5. These are such wonderful questions to learn more and assess whether your baker is the right one for you! For those of us who don’t bake, and who do not hire wedding cake bakers, we wouldn’t know where to start! Sharing this – brilliant. Thank you for raising consciousness! xo Evelyn, PathofPresence.com

  6. I had one of my best friends, who runs a small cupcake business, bake cupcakes for my wedding, but I can’t help but wish I had at least gone cake tasting even though I knew she was going to bake them 😉

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