7 Reasons To Have A Photobooth At Your Wedding

Who doesn’t love some photobooth fun? I am a sucker for a good photobooth. Love them, gotta have them! If I am at a party…


Who doesn’t love some photobooth fun? I am a sucker for a good photobooth. Love them, gotta have them! If I am at a party and there is a photobooth present- you bet I will get in there at least once.

Throw on a funny hat and say cheese! A photobooth is the perfect way to let your guests let out their silliness and have some fun! 1024 Productions has a great photobooth package for you!  #wedding #weddingtime #weddingfun #weddingday #weddingreception #weddingseason #bride #bridetobe #weddingplanning #weddingplanner #weddingplans #misstomrs #ido #letsgetmarried #marriage #loveandmarriage #partytime #photobooth #photoboothfun

For the girl’s parties I’ve set up those DIY type of photo booths…but for our wedding we wanted the real deal. Some official photo strips made with our date and names so that our guests would put them up on their fridge and remember what a fun time they had at our wedding. My fridge is filled with fun photo booth strips! For our wedding photo booth we have the services of non other than our friends at 1024 Productions!!!

Why do I love them so much?

1.A Photobooth is Fun

Well these pictures are just meant to be fun. It is the one place you can find your grandma put on some huge sunglasses and make silly faces. It just sets the tone for FUN!

2.Lasting Memories

I have photo booth strips from years back…like 6 years back and I love to look back on them and remember those days.

3.They’re Relaxing

No one is judging your silly face in these pictures. You can make the craziest faces and put on the funniest props you want and no one will judge you. Its the perfect time to just be yourself.


We plan to make these part of our guest book. It’s such a fun and unique guest book idea. Every picture will be different and everyone will come up with their own fun ideas!


The photo booth strips add a nice personalized touch. You will look at the picture and know exactly where it came from. We have already started working with 1024 Productions with the design of our strips. I love the fact that they will coordinate with our wedding.


I have seen my mom go in with the kids and put on a funny hat and make a silly face just because the kids want her to. It is such a great experience to get everyone bonding together and comfortable. This is the perfect way to get that one friend in the back to meet everyone else and to mingle.

7.The Memories

Photo booths bring out this unique personality in you. It’s as if you have the freedom to be someone else or be extra fun and it shows. We have taken some very funny pictures that we still sit back and laugh on.

Part of the photobooth package from 1024 Productions includes a password protected online gallery where you can view and download any of the pictures you did not get. We are already planning a day to sit down with some wine and go through all of these.

Marcos and I want to cherish as many moments as we can. We want to have as many tangible memories of our special day and a photo booth is always filled with nothing but fun and laughter. These are the moments we want to remember. The excitement to see all the memories we make with our photobooth is so real!!!

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  1. I like how you pointed out that having a photo booth at your wedding helps relax guests because no one will judge you for wearing silly props or pulling funny faces in the photos. My sister mentioned that one thing she regrets from her wedding is that she doesn’t have many photos of the guests. This got me thinking that it might be fun to have a photo booth at my wedding in a couple months. Knowing it would also help my guests relax makes it a win-win!

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