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One of the exciting parts of moving has always been getting to furnish it and decorate it. Marcos and I currently live in our second…


One of the exciting parts of moving has always been getting to furnish it and decorate it. Marcos and I currently live in our second home together. Although leaving our last home was a little bittersweet, it was also a new opportunity to change things up a bit. Our second apartment is definitely bigger than our old and that brought with it some fun opportunities such as giving myself a bigger office space and changing the girl’s room up a bit too.

Getting new furniture is a great way to give your home a small face lift. We gave our home a small face lift with furniture from Ameriwood Home and love it! Check out why! #toddlerbed #furniture #homedecor #furnishedhome #home #bedroom #livingroom #officespace #organization #ameriwood
I was gifted these items for my honest review. However, these opinions are 100% my own.

My Office Space

In our old place my “office” was a tiny corner in our bedroom. It pretty much consisted of my desk and a chair. I did love having my own space but it was very difficult to get work done being so secluded. When we moved into our new home the first thing I noticed was the huge living space and the possibilities seemed endless.

I began to set up shop and have officially taken over a whole wall! It began as a bunch of mismatched pieces of storage and furniture. I was thrilled at the opportunity to try out one of the beautiful pieces of furniture that Ameriwood Home has to offer. The Landon Bookcase with Bins was the perfect addition to our home. Something for my office space seemed perfect. Let me tell you-I have nothing but positive things to say.

  1. Took less than 30 minutes to assemble. Marcos actually assembled it on his own and loved that it did not take him forever. The instructions were super clear too!
  2. Beautiful finish. It just so happened to match my desk amazingly!!!
  3. Ample storage space, there are 4 drawers and 2 shelves perfect for all your goodies.
  4. The drawers are some of those collapsible cubes. My favorite part of this is the ability to remove the drawers and make them shelves if I wished to do so. The front of the drawers looks like its wood but its not!!!!
  5. Sturdy. Each shelf and drawer has a specific weight limit outlined in the manual. I have been able to store all my craft supplies, office supplies, and add some decorative pieces on the top shelf.

I now have a work space that just makes me feel productive and gives me the motivation to keep on hustling! If there is something that helps me stay on top of things its staying organized!

The Girl’s Room

The girl’s room changes are a little bittersweet. The big change that happened here and in our home is the transition of Lia to a toddler bed! I was so excited to see Ameriwood Home has so many options including a toddler bed for Lia. We picked the Little Seeds Rowan Valley Linden Toddler Bed in white and it is beautiful!!!!

Her new bed fit perfectly in her old crib’s space and has the cutest little rail to keep my crazy toddler from falling off. The railing is such a nice feature because this tiny little girl sure rolls around. We found the perfect wooden crib to match the rest of their room. What makes it perfect you ask?

  1. Once again easy to assemble. This is a huge plus specially as parents when you have a limited amount of time and energy!
  2. The railing is such a nice safety feature and perfect for those tiny toddlers who still need assistance staying in their bed.
  3. No need for a bigger mattress- this is such a money saver. We simply used her crib mattress for it and voila!
  4. Different color options: we had the choice between styles and a couple different colors- allowing you to find whatever you need to fit your decor.
  5. Makes a little one feel like a big kid. She was so excited to see that she had a big girl bed just like her sister and her parents. She must have climbed in and pretended to sleep a good 30 times!

Although it was a bittersweet moment to say good-bye to the crib days I love the fact that she is safely asleep! The days of worrying that her adventurous little self would find a way out or hurt herself are long gone.

Ameriwood Home has so many great options to furnish every room in your home! Shopping through their page we were able to see so many beautiful pieces of furniture and definitely gave us some ideas for our future home too!




  1. You picked some really great items to furnish your bigger apartment. It looks just lovely and I hope you have so many happy times in your new place.

  2. I loveeeee the color of your office upgrade! Thatโ€™s totally the right palette for our upstairs and Iโ€™m here. For. It. Definitely looking into these.

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