Top 5 Reasons You Need A Videographer

All of my married friends tell me the same thing, “Enjoy it! You will get wedding withdrawals after.” I totally believe it must be true….


All of my married friends tell me the same thing, “Enjoy it! You will get wedding withdrawals after.” I totally believe it must be true. We are both having such a great time planning it and are so excited for our special day to come. Although you cannot physically relive that same day, there is definitely an easy way to enjoy those memories time and time again-a VIDEO!!!! I can already imagine myself sitting down to watch it whenever I get those “wedding withdrawals” everyone talks about. However, there is always this huge debate as to whether you need one or not. Let me tell you, I too was at one point on the fence. But I quickly realized it was an absolute must! If you need some talking to let me give you my top 5 reasons you need a videographer!

To hire a videographer or not to hire a videographer? Such a tough questions many couples ask themselves. Read my top 5 reasons why a videographer is a must! video, wedding, wedding planning, wedding time, wedding video

We are so happy to have The Emotion Picture Studio capturing our special day! The Emotion Picture Studio is a highly recommended vendor by our friends at Lorimar Winery. Created & beautifully executed by a local family, The Emotion Picture Studio will deliver a  wedding day movie you will cherish your whole life.

1.Re-Enjoying Your Special Day

The day of will come and go before you know it. One thing I am told time and time again is how crazy fast the day of is. We want to be able to go back to that day whenever we need to. Maybe some days we will want to just sit down and remember the pure bliss of the day. Let’s face it-that will be me!

The Emotion Picture Studio understands the sentiment attached with your wedding day and have worked to create these lifelong films for you to sit back, relax, and enjoy! Lorlei and Marc have been creating memories for couples since 1988. Side note: experience is absolutely important!

2.Catching What You Missed

The day of will come and go in the blink of an eye. There will be bits and pieces you won’t get to see and whats better than having a video you can turn to and catch up on the special moments you missed. For example…the moment I’m walking down the aisle I can only imagine my eyes will be on him. I will love to get to see everyone else’s expressions after.

The Emotion Picture Studio has different options to fit your budget and coverage needs. You can choose between one or two videographers as well as well as the extent of coverage you will need.

3.You Get The Action

Of course photography is an absolute must. However, your video will capture the words, the songs, and the emotions of the day. I would love to be able to rehear us vow on forever, to watch my dad walk me down the aisle, to watch our first dance! So many moments that a photograph would not be enough to capture it in full.

Lorlei & Marc have enough experience in the industry to know which moments absolutely must be captured. It is so calming to know that I will look back and get to see and hear those moments again.

4.Get The Behind The Scenes!

You won’t get to be there as he gets ready. You won’t get to be there to watch your day start to come to life. I want to be able to see all that. I want to be able to physically see the hard work that was put into such a memorable day.

Even with their basic package, The Emotion Picture Studio provides you with pre-ceremony, ceremony & reception coverage! Literally the beginning to end will be caught on video for you!

5.Something To Share With Everyone

Our wedding is small and intimate. We are not able to invite absolutely everyone that our families would want to share our special day with. With a video you are able to share your special day with just about everyone in the world if you want to…I know I will definitely share it with all of you!

The Emotion Picture Studio offers so many video options and the ability to choose highlight reels as well. You can view some of their samples HERE.

Wedding videographers are a huge part of your wedding. When you think of the amount of time and effort you put into this day…don’t you want the ability to look back on it and experience is again? I know I do. So come on and head on over to The Emotion Picture Studio to check out everything they have to offer and make them a part of your day too!



  1. I agree! When my parents got married, they hired a videographer as well. Although they weren’t able to see the video for a long time (because of the technology differences where they got married and here), when they finally did, they were able to relive some of the good memories they had back then. And I agree that wedding memories are a good thing to share with family and friends.

  2. I totally agree with this! We didn’t have a videographer at our wedding, but part of me wishes that we had. It was such an intimate and small wedding, but we still missed stuff! It would have been fun to see the things that happened while we were off shooting pictures and stuff!

  3. I think it’s a great idea to hire a videographer as special occasions should be remembered and it’s great when you can come back to your memories with family and friends. 🙂

  4. Never thought of that. Though, I definitely would want a photographer. I might have to rethink the video thing over again. Good thing I have a lot of time 🙂

  5. Ah I love the points about seeing what we missed and behind the scenes. We opted to not have our wedding videoed but it would have been super interesting to have watched the parts of the wedding we hadn’t been there for. I can’t rectify my choice but I will passon your advice!

  6. I totally agree when you film the most incredible time of your life you can watch it back to get all the feels. Why would anyone want to miss it?!! Im pretty sure Il have a videographer!

  7. I’m getting married in September and my Fiance and I are deciding whether or not to get a videographer. You might have just swayed me! I don’t know if I should thank you since you just helped add to the ever-growing list of expenses 😉

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