5 Easy Steps to Sending Save The Dates.

To Save The Date or Not To Save The Date? One of the first steps to getting your wedding on your guests calendar is by…


To Save The Date or Not To Save The Date? One of the first steps to getting your wedding on your guests calendar is by saving the date. Some couples choose not to have a save the date and that is totally up to you. For us, sending out save the dates was an absolute must and it was such a fun process to plan. Here are 5 easy steps to sending out save the dates.

1.Create Your Guest List

This is probably the hardest part of planning a wedding. It’s no secret weddings are very costly and a lot of times the budget determines the number of guests you have. Sit down with your fiancé and make a list of those people that you absolutely want at your wedding and go from there. We started with 65-70 and now are at 75. We have basically trimmed it down as much as we can.

2.Choose A Save The Date Design

We designed ours with In Your Favor Online . Sue created these beautiful magnet Save the Dates for us. They are absolutely perfect! I gave her some ideas of what we had in mind and she was able to create something we absolutely love. Sue can create whatever you have your heart set on. We wanted a magnet so people can pop it on their refrigerators and always remember that they need to…well… Save The Date! She can create magnets, post cards, and cards in any size you want too.

3.Order Your Save The Dates

After approving the final design proof from Sue, we went ahead and placed the order. We ordered enough for each household and a couple of extras. We had about 5 extras, one for ourselves, one for an album and a few spares. I sent one to my grandma!

4.Get Your Guests’ Addresses

This is super important. On my website I was able to save everyone’s addresses. This is great to have because you will need these addresses when you send out your shower invitations, wedding invitations, and RSVP cards too.

5.Mail Them Out!

You can purchase personalized stamps if you wish. I thought about it but instead found a pretty floral design online at the regular stamp price. I purchased enough forever stamps for both the Save The Dates and the invitations. You know, just in case the price goes up! I printed address labels for all my guests and just put the Save The Dates together and made one trip to the post office and voila. Within a few days we were up on everyone’s fridge!

Since our wedding is a small version of a destination wedding we sent out the Save The Dates as soon as we received them. We wanted to make sure everyone had sufficient time to book a place and ask for days off if they needed too. Save The Dates are a great way to informally ask your guests to reserve this day for your wedding. I would have hated to take too long and miss out on some important people! So get to it and order your Save The Dates and check out my friend Sue from In Your Favor!



  1. Yes, you absolutely need a save the date, especially if you have an international wedding (like I did) or out of town event. It’s just easier for the guests to plan everything.

  2. We did the same thing too, since ours was a destination wedding, we gave people like a year in advance! Good luck wedding planning! There might be some stressful times along the road, but remember that it is all about you and your fiance and the love between you two!

  3. What a fun and exciting thing as you plan your wedding! My husband and I only had a two month engagement so for us it didn’t really make sense to send Save the Dates and I always felt kind of bummed about that.

  4. I’ve been married for many years, so this doesn’t apply to me sending them out, however, I do love it when others send out save the date because then I can get it on my calendar! As a busy family of five, I love knowing way ahead of time when the big day is for family and friends:)

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