6 Questions You Must Ask Your Videographer

When meeting with vendors it can often times be a little awkward to ask questions. Maybe you even forget what you wanted to ask. Use…


When meeting with vendors it can often times be a little awkward to ask questions. Maybe you even forget what you wanted to ask. Use these questions to help guide your interview process. The great part about our wedding videographer company, The Emotion Picture Studio (TEPS), is that they had a lot of this information on their website. This made it so easy to get background information and we were able to dive in deeper after!

Hiring the right videographer for your wedding day requires knowing the right questions to ask. Let these 6 MUST ask questions guide you in finding the right videographer for you.  #weddingplanning #weddingplanner #weddingtime #weddingplans #weddingvideo #weddingvideographer #videographer #weddingvendor #weddingmovie #ido #weddingmust #weddingtime #weddingfun

1.What packages do you offer

It’s so important to be able to find out the ranges of services they offer along with their prices. No one likes to be taken by surprise when it comes to wedding planning. Some offer flat rates when it comes to services and others charge by hour. You also want to know what is included in their wedding packages.

TEPS has 2 sections on their website dedicated to pricing. The first offers coverage packages. The second offers additional options to your wedding video perfect to share with all your guests and things to add to your vide. For example- how cool is the concept of a highlights video between 1-3 songs long that you can easily share on social media and with everyone!

2.How long are you at our wedding?

You want to know this to make sure they are there to capture everything you want on video. Whether it be that you extend their package an additional hour or that you rearrange the times you want them there you should know how many hours of service they are providing.

The Emotion Picture Studio has that information included in their packages. There is no guessing how long services are, something I appreciate a lot.

3.How many camera men are at our wedding?

It’s so important to know how many camera men will be at your wedding to capture your special day. Whether it be an actual camera man or maybe it will be a second camera set up somewhere else.

TEPS’s package outline has the information lined up of not just how many camera men but what you can expect them to cover at your wedding.

4.How long have you been making wedding videos?

Experience is key. Although there are many talented people out there the experience in the wedding field is important, specially when it comes to your videos. Having an experienced videographer is one of the ways you can ensure everything you want caught on video is there!

The Emotion Picture Studio has been working on wedding movies since 1989 and have worked on over 4,000 wedding videos. If this isn’t reassurance I don’t know what is. It definitely makes us feel so great to know we have experienced hands on deck.

5.How would you describe your style?

It’s so important to find a company that is going to be able to shoot and provide you with a video that fits your style. This will help you find someone to work with who can provide you with video that you love.

For us, TEPS was perfect because they do not have a fixed style. Instead, they work to know the couple’s preference and tailor the video to the unique couple. This is perfect for us. We like to think we are unique and would love our video to be representative of us!

6.When can we expect our video?

This is an important question to ask if you are wanting your video for a particular event or need it by a certain amount of time. Creating a wedding video is such an important task and so much work goes into it! The time it takes to complete the task can range vastly.

We are so excited to see what The Emotion Picture Studio creates for our special day. We have decided to have a small viewing party for our video and share it with our family!

Find out more about The Emotion Picture Studio HERE

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  1. Very great tips. Many people have ended up being very disappointed simply because they didn’t ask these key questions. It’s also wise to get an agreement in writing. Editing videos can take a few weeks depending on the work load so one may really want to know time frame. I know from experience.

  2. I’m a photographer and I love being asked these questions. I think it’s incredibly important for prospective clients to ask these because it gives them a feel of how experienced the photographer or in this case, videographer is. I wish more people knew that it’s okay to ask them!


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