Everything You Need To Know About Cake Tasting

We are a mere 6 months away from our wedding. All of the big decisions are pretty much made and now it is time for…


We are a mere 6 months away from our wedding. All of the big decisions are pretty much made and now it is time for details. These details are the ones that will make our wedding stand out from everyone else’s. Our cake is one of those pieces we want to stand out. We love things that taste delicious and we wanted to give our guests a cake to talk about! Cake tasting was one of those activities we were so excited to take part in. I mean come on, can you blame me? However, it’s not just eating cake all day. Here is what you should expect and how to prepare for your cake tasting.

Cake tasting has been one of my favorite parts of wedding planning. This guide will help you with a breakdown of what to expect and everything you need to know about cake tasting.  cake tasting, cake, cakes, cake taste, wedding cakes, wedding planning, wedding plans, wedding, wedding time, wedding things, wedding fun, wedding planner, bride, bride to be

Make Some Calls & Research

First thing you should consider is whether to find a baker local to your venue or not. First, we started by researching the vendors that Lorimar Winery gave us. I then went on Yelp, Wedding Wire, and The Knot to check for reviews from real brides. Laura Marie Cakes stood out with her amazing reviews. Everyone raved on how delicious and beautiful her work is. After narrowing it down I then made some calls.

Set Your Budget

Know your budget when making phone calls. It is very important to remember your budget when making these calls. Being able to communicate this with your bakers will help them give you a realistic yes or no. If you find something outside of your budget that you really want to try I recommend you keep it as an option. It might be one of those parts of your wedding you allocate more to and cut a little bit elsewhere.

Book Your Tastings!

According to all my apps 6 months prior is a good time to schedule your tastings. We knew Laura is in high demand and in order to make sure she wouldn’t get booked for our date we went 8 months prior. Good thing we did! Your tasting will take anywhere from 30minutes to an hour depending on small details and the questions you have.

***photo from Laura Marie’s Cakes website***

Know What You Want

Scroll through Pinterest or check your venues and vendors Instagrams for ideas. Lorimar and Laura Marie’s Cakes do a fantastic job at sharing photos of so many unique designs. When presenting these ideas to your baker they will most likely draw up a sketch for you to show you the ideas they have and it will be a blueprint for them! Laura was able to draw out what we liked based on some pictures I showed her and she knew exactly what we wanted.

***Photo from Laura Marie’s Cakes’ Gallery***

Eat Before Your Cake Tastings!

Do not go to your tasting hungry. This will help with two things- the amount of sugar you are about to have and the fact that when you are hungry your taste buds are impaired! I recommend you don’t have anything leaving a huge taste in your mouth-that could interfere as well. Having drinks of water in between flavors to help cleanse your palette.

Try The Flavors & Be Open To Try New Things

Laura had 5 different flavors for us to try. Some were more classic and traditional, the crowd pleasers. And two were what she called “wild cards”. You know, flavors that might not be everyone’s cup of tea. She explained to us that there are couples that go in wanting to please their guests and some that decide it’s their wedding so they will have the cake they want. Know what your thoughts are. The two wild cards we tried were a coffee flavored and a chocolate cake. Both absolutely delicious! Laura’s flavors were so delicious, moist, and had amazing texture. We were in heaven.

One of our favorite things about Laura is the fact that you do not need to choose the flavor until a month prior to the wedding. Between now and then we are able to go pick up to go boxes whenever she has a tasting. This way we get to try more flavors and pick exactly what we want.

Ask Questions

Do not be nervous to ask questions. You can check out some ideas HERE . Laura makes her cakes from scratch. Everything down to her extracts is made in-house. You can imagine the freshness of her cakes. They were the perfect mix of sweet and fresh.

This is a great time to have a conversation with your baker and make sure you connect. The connection between us and our vendors has been very important when making our wedding decisions. With the connection comes a sense of trust, something I think is absolutely necessary when it comes to such a special day. Trust is how you are able to relax and enjoy your wedding day.



  1. Tasting cakes is just like tasting wine, it seems! I agree that you need to keep your options and mind open, because you never know what you’re going to fall in love with.

    I’m curious to find out what flavor(s) you and your love have settled on for your big day?!

    Cheers to you both!

    1. It definitely is like tasting wine…that actually is scheduled for june lol! we are doing our wine tasting and food tasting for the wedding. So far our absolute favorite has been this banana bread with blueberries and a toffee crunch…but we want to taste a few more to make a final decision-we get to choose 2!

  2. So many good tips! While cake tasting was such a fun part of getting married for me, it was also kind of overwhelming because of how many decisions need to be made! I totally agree bringing pictures is a must, because it can be so difficult to get across what you’re envisioning in your head.


  3. Cake tasting sounds like so much fun, at first I thought this might be a daily job haha. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials and for finding your perfect cake!

  4. Cake tasting was my favorite part of the wedding planning process as well!! And now you’ve made my mouth water… Those cakes sound SO GOOD and I want a slice haha.

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