Our Visit To Glen Ivy and Spa Day Tips

This trip to Glen Ivy was gifted by Glen Ivy. However, the opinions expressed are 100% my own. I remember those days where getting away…


This trip to Glen Ivy was gifted by Glen Ivy. However, the opinions expressed are 100% my own.

I remember those days where getting away for some alone time with Marcos was an easy thing to do. You know before we had two kids and a home to keep up. Although I love our kids to pieces, every now and then I crave some of that alone time with him. Time to just get away and where we can give each other our undivided attention. It’s so necessary and a great way to maintain a healthy relationship. Which is why, I was so excited to share with him the opportunity to visit the beautiful Glen Ivy Hot Springs and have a couples spa day. Let me tell you-he loved it as much as I did!

I will be honest, neither one of us had ever gone to a spa! Gasp! We picked a Monday which to us meant it wouldn’t be as busy and that was just what we wanted-some peace. Marcos had spent the 4 days in Lake Tahoe on his bachelor/snowboarding trip with his buddies and I had spent 4 days alone with the kids! So as you can imagine we both needed to relax and unwind for two very different reasons. We woke up Monday morning and left Lia with his cousin (we are super thankful for family help) and were on our way. Glen Ivy graciously treated us to a couple’s day at the spa complete with robe rentals, a delicious lunch, and their Grotto Treatment. Let me share with you all about our experience at Glen Ivy along with some tips for your spa visits.


Check in is so smooth. We had our bags checked and then were checked in and given our itinerary at the front desk along with a map and some tips to make the most of our day. One of the first things I noticed was a sign where it is recommended to leave your phones in your lockers in order to be able to fully disconnect and relax.

Tip #1: DO IT! Leave your phone behind. We both did and loved it. It was the best way to be fully present and get to really enjoy our time there together. I only brought it out for lunch and to snap a few pictures to share with you all.

The Locker Rooms

Our first stop was picking up our robes which was located right at the entrance of the locker rooms. These robes are a must. They are the comfiest plush robes! They were that extra bit of pampering we needed. This same counter is where you can put a card on file and get a wristband for alcoholic drinks so you don’t need to carry your wallet or your id! Talk about convenience.

The locker rooms are equipped for you to arrive relaxed for a spa day and head out to dinner right after if you wish. There are tons of lockers available for you to store your belongings. Each locker has its own key and rental is included in your admission. This is where we split up a bit while we changed into our spa attire since locker rooms are separate for men and women. Inside you can find the lockers, mirrors, blow dryers, restrooms, roman baths, showers, etc.

Tip #2: Put a card on file. You can easily purchase drinks or food by just giving your phone number. They are great at making it easy for you to leave things behind.

Our Spa Time

Every pool here has a purpose. From the saline pool to the lounge pool they have it all. We spend time in each pool and made sure to follow the directions. Each pool has a sign next to it with recommendations and some information on what each pool can help with. Along with the pools we made sure to use the saunas available as well. We both really needed that detox from our bodies. The scents inside the saunas were so refreshing and after each sauna we used the showers conveniently located next to them to rinse off. We were recommended a 2 pool series prior to our Grotto treatment and made sure to follow it for maximum results with the Grotto.

Tip #3: Follow the recommendations for each pool. They are there for a reason. We felt this was the best way to get the full experience at each one and maximize our time and relaxation.

Lunch & Snacks

Mid way through our spa day we stopped for lunch. We had lunch at the Ivy Kitchen and loved the selection of foods. Everything seemed so refreshing. From wraps, salads, flatbreads and the chicken nachos-they have something for everyone. I also loved that the had a great selection of teas as part of their drink selections. We were recommended their chicken nachos by the front desk and they did not disappoint. I was set on the chicken nachos and Marcos had some delicious fish tacos. We split both entrees and were so happy and content!

Although we did not try their alcoholic drinks at The Lounge 1860, we were told they have a great selection. What we did try was their juice bar, The Chill Zone. The combinations of juices and smoothies were great. Marcos went for a green juice and I went for a red. After some time in the pools and saunas they were the perfect touch of refreshing that we needed.

Tip #4: Try the chicken nachos! The portions are pretty big so you could probably share one and try something else too!


Their Grotto treatment was talked about by just about everyone we met at the spa. From the couple celebrating their anniversary to the family who was there just enjoying some time, everyone said- The Grotto is a must. Thank you Glen Ivy for treating us to this softening experience.

Our friend at the front desk recommended the following: mineral baths for 20 minutes to , mud pool for another 20 and then the Grotto. So we did as we were told and had a blast! I had been wanting to get in that mud pool forever. Literally, it was a must on my list. We were able to grab a mineral bath meant for two and enjoyed catching up and just talking about our life and future together.

After the mineral baths we headed to the mud pool-the one I had been waiting for!  This was so much fun! You haven’t bonded until you’ve made sure your partner is completely covered in mud! To help us dry faster we headed to Club Mud-a sauna at the mud pool to help you dry faster. After we were dry we rubbed the dry mud off taking with it all our dead skin and we were ready for The Grotto !

Tip #5: Pack dark colored swimsuits. Silly Marcos forgot his trunks and was left to enjoy his day in his white basketball shorts. Safe to say they were not saved. The front store carries a great variety of suits and products if you need yours. But he was okay with just using what he packed.

The Grotto

After the mineral baths and mud we were taken downstairs into the Grotto for our treatments. This treatment consists of 4 rooms; the application, the sauna, the shower, and the cool room after. First, we were “painted” from head to toe with a masque with aloe vera, coconut oil, shea butter, eucalyptus, and lavender meant to hydrate your skin. We finished rubbing it on our face (below your eyes only) and then headed into the Grotto sauna for 15 minutes while it dried. Following the drying we went into a room where we were able to rinse off the remainder of the masque. We immediately felt softer. Last, we ended in the cool room with a warm cup of tea and an apple.

The order of the rooms allows for the opening of your pores, your skin taking in all the moisture from the mask and the cool room to close your pores and keep the moisture in. Our skin has never felt so soft! I could not recommend this treatment enough!

Tip #6: Follow the mineral bath, mud pool, then Grotto routine. You can even purchase a picture of your experience at The Grotto

What to Pack:

These are a few items I recommend you don’t leave without:

  1. Dark colored swimsuit: unless you want to end up like Marcos LOL!
  2. Sunblock: help protect your skin
  3. Flip flops: let those feet get some fresh air!
  4. Hat/Sunglasses: We wore out hats to help keep the sun out of our faces
  5. A change of clothes: we packed some comfy workout clothes to slip into after
  6. Robe: you can bring your own or rent their soft plush robes, loved them for walking between pools
  7. Toiletries: Glen Ivy’s showers are equipped with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash so you can leave those behind but don’t forget your deodorant and any other things you might need

You do not need to bring towels or water there are various stations throughout the spa for your convenience. Leave behind any jewelry, my engagement ring stayed at home for this fun day out. The salts and minerals in many of the pools could harm your precious belongings.

This trip to Glen Ivy was so needed for us mentally and physically. It was such a nice day full of reconnecting and disconnecting from the outside world. We had so much time to catch up and plan for our future. We walked in exhausted and drained and walked out feeling rejuvenated. Marcos definitely wants to head back! Our trip to Glen Ivy made me realize that this relaxing atmosphere is exactly what I want for my bachelorette. Guess what we are doing for my bachelorette? Spa day and cabana rental at GLEN IVY!!! Because who doesn’t need some pampering and relaxing before their wedding?!?!? Thank you Glen Ivy for such a wonderful day.




  1. That’s amazing that you both got an opportunity to experience the place and totally relax without any disturbance or distractions! We should all have time away from our phone and get such relaxing experiences.

  2. What a lovely relaxing time it looked like you both had. I enjoyed this post and the tips you provided are very helpful.

  3. What a nice getaway this must have been for you guys! It truly is important to carve out time to unwind with your partner from time to time and so happy you Glen Ivy was able to help you guys with that! Their spa looks exquisite!

  4. Hey just curious, do you tip the employees who helped you at the Grotto treatment like you would a massage therapist, etc.?

    I’m going this weekend with my girlfriend and am unsure of how much cash to bring

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