The Tommy John Henley and Why He Loves It

Marcos is definitely one of a kinda. He has a unique sense of style and way of choosing clothing that I will never understand. Although comfort is definitely important to me…he does things like judge a piece of clothing based on how soft it feels. If it’s soft, then it’s a win! So shopping is slightly different when we shop.

This item was gifted in exchange for my review. However, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Needless to say he was so excited when he tried on this Tommy John Go Anywhere Quick Dry Henley. It was love at first…fit? He loved it so much it is his go to when we go out and it was a must pack on his boys bachelor snowboarding trip. Since the day it arrived it is his go to shirt. So what does he love about it?

1.The Fit:

The fabric is  81% Polyester 14% Cotton 5% Spandex. This makes the shirt fit tight in all the right places without hugging you too much. How do I know this? Well he might check himself out repeatedly when he wears it haha!

2.Keeps Him Fresh:

And I don’t just mean fresh like as in cool. I really mean fresh! Marcos has really warm body temperature. If I’m ever cold I just go snuggle and it’s gone. Clothing that keep him feeling fresh are his favorite. If he starts to feel hot well no one likes being hot lol.

3.The Henley Style:

It is the perfect shirt to wear to just about everything. It is casual enough to be worn during the day but also has the ability to be dressed up with the right pants and shoes. Like I said-he wears it everywhere. This style is so versatile. The buttons up top are such a great detail and make it look more dressed up.

4.It’s Quick Dry:

As I mentioned before-this guy gets heated quickly. So their perspiration-fighting fibers are perfect to prevent him from excessively sweating. It is also moisture wicking. I did not know what that meant before either so don’t worry, but it makes sense with what I know from the shirt. Moisture wicking fabrics pull moisture to the outside of the clothing so it evaporates easier. This also contributes to him staying fresh and dry!

5.Doesn’t loose it’s shape

Don’t you hate when your clothes loose their shape after washing? This henley shirt does not! He loves how it’s retained its shape, color, and fit no matter how many times he has washed it. And let me tell you….he has washed it a lot. He wears it all the time.

Tommy John has more than just this awesome henley. They have clothing both men and women. Ranging from undies to hoodies. All products made with the same quality as Marcos’ beloved henley shirt. I also recommend you sign up for their great rewards system. You earn points with every purchase. All you need to do is sign up. Go and check them out- chances are they have something perfect for you.


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