Top 5 Ways To Bond With Your Fiancé

We are constantly being reminded by everyone that our wedding is a special day all about him and I. This is the reason why the…


We are constantly being reminded by everyone that our wedding is a special day all about him and I. This is the reason why the planning from day one has been done together. Together is how we do it all and our wedding was not going to be an exception. Although sure certain details are ultimately up to me, we do talk to each other and get each other’s input when making any decisions.

Wedding planning is not just about the bride. It is so important to find ways to bond with your fiancé and involve your groom in as much as possible. #groom #bride #couples #engaged #matchingshirts #brideandgroom #wedding #weddingtime #weddingfun #engagement #engaged #inlove #relationships #fiancé #feyoncé #shopsmall #supportsmallbusinesses #drunkinlove #mrandmrs
Disclosure: We received our awesome shirts for our review. However, the opinions expressed are 100% our own <3

I think it’s important to continue to bond with your fiancé during the planning process. Some times it can seem like it’s common sense the bride will plan the wedding with her bridesmaids or her family members. While time is limited when you add wedding planning to your already busy lives, I have found great ways to bond with your fiancé throughout your engagement and wedding planning adventures.

1.Attend a wedding expo/show together

I think Marcos was one of the handful of grooms at the first wedding expo we attended. The second event we attended was at our venue and there were couples everywhere. It is so much fun to get to view vendors and see set ups together. These events get him even more excited and involved in the planning process. It’s important to remember to include the details he likes too.

2.Wear matching shirts

We love to wear these super cute matching shirts from Little Brownn Suitcase! He loved them! He actually picked them out. They are so cute I guarantee you will turn heads. We wore them for the first time to an event at our venue and let me tell you they were A HIT! Everyone asked us about our shirts and when I turned around and showed them our date they went even crazier over them. They were the perfect way to break the ice when meeting new people. Everyone loves how much fun we are having with our wedding planning and speaking to vendors was so much easier because we gave off this fun and laidback vibe. Which is exactly what we are all about!

They were the perfect way to show our wedding spirit. The day was full of laughs and smiles and every single person we walked past gave us a compliment on them. The energy around us was just so amazing and it made us even more excited to talk to vendors and other couples that were present. We were definitely unique in our outfit choices. This is such a special time and a once in a lifetime experience- being able to be fully submerged and embrace our roles as bride and groom is such a beautiful thing.

3.Take your fiancé to your tastings

I know some times schedules don’t allow for it, but whenever you can, make those decisions with your partner. I love having his input. I like to keep an open mind and if he absolutely loves something, let him have it!

4.Don’t forget date nights

With so much to do having a date night might not be a priority, don’t let it take over! Your date nights could include include something like ordering take out while looking over Pinterest or wedding magazines with some wine.

5.Get your fiancé Groom & Mr. gear

Little Brownn Suitcase has the perfect gear for your groom and future husband. It’s so customary for women to rock all the bride and Mrs. gear, but why not get him some too? Like the groom shirt above, LBS can personalize it all to make your groom feel as special as he should. These detailed gifts will remind him that he is just as big a part of this wedding as you are.

Little Brownn Suitcase carries just about everything you would want with the ability to personalize it. So why not send your future husband on his bachelor trip with a cool shirt, or surprise him with a Mr. mug for his daily cup of coffee? Let him fully submerge himself into his role as a groom and embrace it as much as you embrace being a bride.



  1. I love date nights, so important now and when your married (and especially when kiddos come along!). Staying connected and a team is one of the best things you can work on as a couple. Congrats in advance! Rose @ Our House of Love

  2. These are some great tips for bonding with your fiance during the planning process! I love the idea for attending an expo together. Brilliant!

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