May is for Kimonos

Who doesn’t love a good kimono? It can make a simple outfit stand out more, serve as an added layer, or in the case of…


Who doesn’t love a good kimono? It can make a simple outfit stand out more, serve as an added layer, or in the case of The Baby Bird Boutique- pair beautifully with those gorgeous rompers! YES! The Baby Bird Boutique makes kimonos!!! Let me share with you some insider news for May- the month of the kimono!

It’s a great transition piece from Spring to Summer. You know those days that are warm but not hot enough yet and you still get those chilly afternoons? A kimono is perfect for this weather, and if you thought they looked good on adults wait until you see them on these little ones! Ready for a sneak peak of what is to come?

Kimonos are a great addition to everyone's closet. The Baby Bird Boutique has you covered with their kimono drop this Friday! Check out these sneak peaks and great ways to style your kimonos! kimonos, kimono, romper, rompers, baby outfits, baby girl, girl clothes, summer clothes, fashionista



I cannot get enough of the floral prints. They are perfect for all seasons. You can find from bright prints to some earthy tones, perfect to pair with just about everything. Check out the beautiful shades of teal and that yellow <3 These are perfect to throw on top of your Baby Bird Boutique dress, romper, or peplum!

Kimonos and Swimsuits

Summer is almost here and that means trips to the beaches and pool parties. How cute and stylish are these babies in their kimono as a swimsuit cover up? These kimonos are light and made from breathable fabric so your baby can wear them all year long. Arabelle & Arli wore them perfectly on their poolside day. These two sisters are super adorable in their matching kimonos ready for a day by the pool! Check out their brand rep page for more amazing outfits!

Kimonos and Denim

Denim is great for just about everything. I am so in love with Chaselee’s outfit. Being a country girl at hear this boots and shorts combo is tugging at my heart strings! Can we talk about how gorgeous this floral print kimono is- so beautiful and bright you can match it with so much. Add some red to make the color pop or tone it down with something light. This outfit is everything. You can find more awesome outfits from Chaselee HERE and get your own denim shorts from Ella.B.Denim !

Kimonos and Sisters

As a mom girl I appreciate the twinning so much. My girls are still at the age where they don’t mind matching- they actually love to. Arabelle & Arli are total twinning goals!!!! They look totally relaxed in their bummies, tank and kimono to add that extra touch of girly and pretty to their outfit. Kimonos are the perfect piece to add a little oomph to any outfit!

Kimonos and Solids

The ultimate combination is a kimono with a Baby Bird Boutique romper, peplum, or dress! Both classic and timeless pieces that pair up so incredibly perfect! Solid rompers, peplums, and dresses  are a total must to have and you can create different outfits by pairing your solids with different kimonos! You are going to eat your heart out with the following combinations! You don’t want to miss this kimono drop taking place May 18th! Don’t forget to use code BEARBIRD to SAVE!!!! Check out The Baby Bird Boutique Instagram for more news and contests!!!!


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