11 wedding moments your videographer must capture

You check your planning list and you see a task reminding you to compile a must shoot list for your photographer. But what about making a list of events you absolutely want your videographer to capture? If you ask me, it is just as important to get this to your videographer. Every video I have seen from our videographer, The Emotions Picture Studio (TEPS), seems to have all the perfect moments captured. But just for my sanity, here is a list!

1.The Girls

This includes some footage of you getting your hair and make up done and sharing some laughs with your bridesmaids. The nerves and excitement are something I definitely want to look back on.

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2.The Guys

As the bride I would love to see some of this behind the scenes footage of the guys suiting up too!

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3.First Look

Some of the favorite moments captured by TEPS are these first look moments. I want to relive watching this moment over and over again. I love the way TEPS captures not just his expression, but also the brides. Talk about getting the full experience!

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4.Your Venue Before The Storm

Getting details on how your venue looks empty but fully decorated is beautiful. The Emotion Picture Studio focuses on capturing not just your venue as a whole but also highlighting those unique touches that make your wedding yours.

5.Walking Down The Aisle

This includes not just you but your bridal party, ring bearers, flower girls, family, the groom, and of course your much anticipated entrance. Capturing not just the grooms expression at the altar but yours as you walk is a moment TEPS makes sure you can look back on.

6.Your Vows

SOOOO IMPORTANT! You will stand at the altar and listen to each other’s vows, you will cry and and soak it all in. More than likely you will remember the pieces that stick to your heart the most. But if you’re like me, some days I will want to curl up on the couch with a glass of wine and listen to his words all over again.

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7.Picture Time

I don’t mean they should record your whole photo session but the fun behind the scene stuff is always nice to see.


So many fun entrances get caught on video by the TEPS crew and I definitely want not just ours but our bridal party entrance caught on video.


Catch the laughter and the sentimental words from your loved ones.

10.Formal Dances

The Emotion Picture Studio has such amazing experience in capturing all special moments, this is no exception.


This includes the just dancing for the fun of it and everyone having a good time. These types of memories are the kind you sit back and burst into smiles to remember everyone having a great time on your special day.

It is so important to share information with your videographer. Help them learn what you would like more focus on. We have a great team on our side and we cannot wait to see what beautiful wedding movie The Emotion Picture Studio creates!


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