Hops & Grains: the unique bartending experience

Every wedding needs a little bit of the grooms touch too. Although we definitely make decisions together, we still hadn’t found something that totally screamed…


Every wedding needs a little bit of the grooms touch too. Although we definitely make decisions together, we still hadn’t found something that totally screamed “Marcos”. That all changed when we stepped into Lorimar’s Wedding Shenanigans and found Hops & Grains Mobile Bartending. Hops & Grains is a mobile bartending service in Southern California with the coolest set up ever!!!!

What makes their set up so awesome? Well, Steve from Hops & Grains shows up to your wedding to serve drinks to your guests from an antique 1970’s horse trailer that has been beautifully restored. The moment we saw this we just knew we had to have them at our wedding.

Why Hops & Grains?

Hops & Grains is local to the Southern California area with access to over 125 craft breweries between the San Diego and Temecula areas. Their location gives you the ability to have just about any beer around. Steve has equipped the trailer with a 15cubic feet chest turned kegerator to make sure your beer stays at perfect temperature for your whole event.

Along with the obviously awesome equipment and beer options you have, we just had a great vibe with Steve. He is such a down to earth person and he just fit us as a couple. Throughout our journey I have mentioned the importance of connecting with your vendors and this was no different. Our venue and coordinator had such great things to say about him too it just felt right.

What packages are offered?

Hops & Grains has great packages and at a great cost. You have the option to serve, like us, just beer & wine or you can also add cocktails to your package. Remember Hops & Grains is a bartending service, so the alcohol must be purchased by the coordinator or caterer. The awesome part is you can order your kegs from places like BevMo and Steve will pick them up for you! Although he is not able to buy it for you, Hops & Grains is also in connection with many of the breweries and can definitely reach out for you!

No bartending is complete without the access to some water. I was super excited when he shared there is a wooden platform that pulls out from the trailer where he is able to set up a water station.

With Hops & Grains you don’t get just your traditional bartending, you get a whole experience. From the horse trailer to having beer served from a keg you get a very unique experience. It is definitely something your guests will remember.

Having Hops & Grains Mobile Bartending  join our wedding crew was an absolute must for us, specially my groom. I feel it gives our wedding such a fun vibe, which is exactly what we want to create for our guests and ourselves. Plus let’s be honest, that horse trailer is so beautiful and unique, the perfect fit for our rustic outdoor vineyard wedding. I can’t wait to have them be a part of our special day.

For more information on Hops & Grains check out their Instagram & Facebook.


  1. My husband would have loveeeeed this – although I don’t think Spain has these kind of businesses yet (might be a great investment!). I love that you guys were trying to find something that was totes about your husband too!

  2. Too bad I can’t try them out, as I live in Poland. It looks like a great experience and a great option for many types of family events. 🙂

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