3 questions to help you choose a wedding video style

I logged into our client portal with our videographers at The Emotion Picture Studio (TEPS) and filled out a form on our style. I had…


I logged into our client portal with our videographers at The Emotion Picture Studio (TEPS) and filled out a form on our style. I had no idea what the differences were and figured it might be some good information to share with you too and give you some questions to help you choose what is right for you and your partner.

Your wedding video is a reflection of your special day. Choosing your style might not be as easy. These 3 steps will help guide your decision.  wedding video, wedding, wedding planning, wedding videographer, wedding movie, wedding fun, wedding time, wedding planner, bouquet, bride, groom, centerpieces

1.How much detail of your day do you want?

This can help figure out the style of film that works for you best. A feature film is very detailed and helps you see the way everything looked and what was said by your guests. A cinematic short captures the essence of the day. Think of it as a full length movie vs a short film.

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3.Do you want a long wedding video or short video?

TEPS broke it down for us like this: a feature film or a cinematic short. The feature film is between 1 to 2 hours. On the other hand the cinematic short is 5-30 mins long. We opted for a cinematic short, personally, I don’t know if watching an hour long video often is feasible.

3.Is actual wedding day audio okay ?

Another difference TEPS educated us on is the difference in audio from a feature film to a cinematic short. The feature film because of it’s length and details, is majority actual audio from the day of. There are songs included, however, it is a majority actual audio.

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In addition to choosing a style of wedding movie that is right for you, ask your videographers if they have any additional movies or videos they can provide you with. The Emotion Picture Studio provides with great additions to both styles of film. A feature film (1-2hrs) comes with a highlight trailer perfect for sharing with your friends and family. This gives you a short and sweet video quick for others to watch and enjoy.

When choosing a cinematic short, they also provide some light-edit videos of the entire ceremony, reception speeches, and all the special dances. Choosing a cinematic short didn’t mean we lost on the details of all the extra special events the day of. We were so happy with the fact that they include this as we were nervous that choosing a short film would mean we would loose things such as our vows, toasts, and first dance/family dances.


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The Emotion Picture Studio is able to provide each of their couples with movies unique to their own styles and wants without sacrificing the memories captured. It is one of the reasons we love their work so much. TEPS values their couples and strive to provide them with their perfect wedding movie, tailored to fit the needs and styles of the bride and groom.



  1. These are very important things to consider in a wedding video. Another important thing to consider, especially if your wedding is in another country, is if the video will be watchable (convertable) in the country you live in. My parents couldn’t watch their wedding video for many years because it couldn’t play in American video recorders.

  2. Really interesting post. On reflection, I thi8nk I would have made the same choice as you, going for a short version, simply because people would be more likely to watch it. Plus I love the fact that the short version still contains snippets of all the highlights during the day.

  3. I’m not even engaged yet, but i’m am bookmarking this post for future reference! Thank you so much for sharing these useful tips.

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