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I received this item in exchange for my review. However, all opinions expressed are 100% my own. Women by nature are multi-taskers. We take on…

I received this item in exchange for my review. However, all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Women by nature are multi-taskers. We take on just about any and every role out there. We are cooks, teachers, chaufers, housekeepers, nurses, etc. Between all of our roles and responsibilities and trying to fit in some “me” time, life can get pretty crazy. Whether you are a WAHM, SAHM, a Working Mom, or not a mom at all-we need organization and tools.

The most important tool for the modern day woman is having a good planner. A good planner is such a great way to organize our many to-do lists. But the RIGHT planner serves purpose. My new Purposeful Planner , by Corie Clark. gives me just that- purpose. It is not just your average planner with a spot to write your tasks. So what makes this planner so awesome, purposeful, and a must have?

Having a good planner is key for anyone. The purposeful planner is an organizational system to provide you purpose with planning. #planning #thepurposefulplanner #planning #purposefulplanning #purposefulplanner #planneraddict #planning #planner


There is so much space to write for each day. Literally Monday-Fridays have their very own page and Saturday and Sundays are on one page. You can write down the million of things you need to get done in one place. There are so many sub sections to each month you are able to separate your tasks as needed and STILL have space for much more.

2.Monthly Overview

You ever need to just glance at the big events without checking the nitty gritty? In addition to the daily pages, this Purposeful Planner has a monthly overview perfect for the big events. It gives me a clear picture of when I’m free for what. I also love a planner that outlines the holidays for me!

3.Daily Tasks

The daily pages have a section for you to keep track of your water intake, exercise, an hour by hour schedule section, things you need to buy, menu, an area where for you to write down your thoughts, a quick task to declutter/clean, and a motivational quote. You literally have the ability to plan out so much in one place! With my roles as a mother, bride, blogger, and work as a special education advocate I take full advantage of all the organizing I can do.

4.Motivation Throughout

Each daily page has it’s own motivational quote to help you keep on keepin on! But the best part is the beginning of this planner gives you an area to do some soul searching and set some goals for yourself. This planner gives you purpose. You don’t just write down your tasks to keep track of what needs to get done, but it gives you the ability to look back at those goals and remind you of the reasons behind your responsibilities. Each month is also equipped with a Dreams & Goals Section for you to write down not just your expectations but also your dreams and hopes for the month to come. I believe greatly in the powers of the universe. So write down your dreams & goals and put it out there for the universe!

5.Extra Planning

As mothers our jobs are extensive. The Purposeful Planner is prepared for that. Every month is opened with a budget section where you can keep track of your monthly bills and expenses. This planner is also prepared for our cook responsibilities with it’s Menu sections for each month. You can write down the top 20 meals and the ingredients needed making it an easy reference point while you grocery shop! Meal planning is a great way to save money and stop us from buying unnecessary foods! The Master Task Lists has a little section for each room in your house for you to create small tasks or projects for your home and keep track of them all.

6.Durability & Design

If there is one thing The Purposeful Planner has on others is it’s durable and fashionable design. It is bound and covered by two super sturdy ends making it stand up well against the chaotic life we live. Corie Clark, the planner’s designer did a great job in creating timeless designs with durable materials. You are also able to purchase stickers and tabs to help add even more to your planner.

Being a multi-tasker like just about all women on this planet- I love to be prepared. If you like me love to stay organized and with purpose, you need to take a look at the Purposeful Planner! Corie Clark has a few equally beautiful and purposeful to fit your needs!


  1. I need to use a planner. I have tried different ones but haven’t found the right one for me. I’ll have to check this one out. Thanks for the review!

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