5 Wedding Day Details Your Videographer Must Know

53 days to go and I believe we are making good progress. Recently we worked on the details sheet for our videographer The Emotion Picture Studio (TEPS). I really had no idea how close all our vendors work together and how important our timeline is! Here are a few timeline details your photographer will want to know:

1.General Breakdown of the day

The general breakdown would include information such as the events you will be having; first look, bouquet toss, garter toss, cake cutting, etc. This gives your videographer a general idea of what your day will be filled with and important moments for them to capture on video. The Emotion Picture Studio makes it super easy with their questionnaires. I knew exactly what they needed to know and was able to easily fill them out and return.

2.Bride and groom contact information

SUPER IMPORTANT! I love that they ask for both, why? Because both partners are equally important! your videographer should be able to contact you easily. Another option is give them additional contact people in case you don’t have your phone handy during your big day.

3.Time the bride and groom will be ready

Maybe you want to capture some of your before moments? I love seeing TEPS videos include some details of the day prior to the main events. Videos of everyone getting ready captures their moods and emotions perfectly, gives me the chills every time! Chances are the bride will be busy way before the groom, this gives your videographer the ability to spend time with each person individually capturing it all.

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4.Locations where the bride and groom will be getting ready

Although it goes hand in hand with the time the location is EXTREMELY important. Not only to ensure they will find you easily, but also to know whether you need 1 or 2 camera men at your event. In the case of our Lorimar wedding, we will both be on-site. I will be in the Bridal Suite and Marcos in the Groom’s RV. However, you might be getting ready in one location and your groom in another.

5.Time of first look, if having one

YES! I want The Emotion Picture studio to capture the look on his face the first time he sees me all bridal beautied out! TEPS does such a great job at capturing the emotions of that moment and I love the thought of being able to look back at that moment.

As minute and obvious as these details must seem, in the large scale of things these details can get missed. I recommend professionals like The Emotion Picture Studio who make it easy for us couples and less of a headache and stress. All they need they ask for with ample time giving you the ability to not feel stressed or overwhelmed at the very end. Check out some of their sample videos on Instagram or their website !



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