8 ways to save money on your wedding flowers

Saving money on our our wedding has been on the top of our list. The tricky part is finding a balance between saving money without…


Saving money on our our wedding has been on the top of our list. The tricky part is finding a balance between saving money without letting go of our vision. Here are a few ways to help you save money on your wedding flowers!

Find the balance between your vision and your budget. With these 8 ways to save money on your wedding flowers you can achieve both! wedding flowers, wedding planning, wedding, wedding floral, flowers, florist, wedding florist, centerpieces, wedding centerpieces, bride bouquet, bouquet, ceremony flowers, reception flowers

1.Be open with your florist

First and foremost-talk to your florist. Be open about your budget and your wishes not to exceed it. During my consultation with Lisa from Tre Fiori Floral Design one of the first things we discussed was the importance of staying within our budget. She completely understood and it really helped her understand what she could do and what she was working with. You are not, nor will you be, the first person or the last to feel this way.

2.Choose flowers in-season

By choosing flowers in-season you give your florist the ability to order flowers locally and cheaper. Think about it, if you want a flower that is not in-season they will have to go through greater obstacles and cost to purchase it.

3.Incorporate greenery

Greenery is significantly less expensive. For our wedding we knew from the get-go, based on our location at beautiful Lorimar Winery, that we wanted to keep it as green and natural as possible. Eucalyptus is our BFF and the majority of the floral within our wedding will be 75% eucalyptus! Not only is it an inexpensive option, it is a beautiful trendy new thing!

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4.Swap for  affordable look-alikes

For this part I picked Lisa’s brain! I knew I wanted mostly greenery and specific colors. She recommended flowers and stems that would give me the similar looks I wanted at a more affordable cost.

5.Repurpose your flowers

Reuse! Reuse! Reuse! Our ceremony flowers will make their appearance during our reception too! My bouquet will be a part of our sweetheart table decor! Genius right? Your florist will love the idea of reusing their work and you getting the most use of their beautiful pieces.

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6.Use bigger blooms

You might be thinking- bigger blooms are most expensive. True, some can be. However, a bigger bloom will take up more space in an arrangement providing you with the ability to need less and therefore save you money. Again, discuss this with your florist.

7.Have an open mind

Maybe you are set on a certain flower. Still, step into this with an open mind. You can brainstorm ideas for you to incorporate your favorite flavors along with some other inexpensive options to help you stay within budget. I was so pleased to know there are so many beautiful and affordable options!

8.Incorporate non-floral elements

This applies specially to centerpieces. Finding ways to incorporate non-floral elements can be a sure way to save you some money. For example, we may or may not be having lanterns in the middle of our table along with some candles to make our centerpieces look bigger without needing to use a lot of flowers! Get creative & Pinterest your heart out!


Images are being used with the permission of Tre Fiori Floral Studios.

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