Lightweight Stroller Must Haves

This post is sponsored by Chicco. However, all opinions are my own.

My toddler is full grown and it was time to seek a lightweight stroller. Her needs have changed as have ours. We were so excited to take the Chicco Mini Bravo out for a spin! If there is ever a place to try a stroller it’s on our trips to Disneyland! So what were we looking for?


First and foremost we wanted something that would not take up the whole trunk. My husband and I were so impressed with how easily it folds up and how little space it takes up in our trunk!

Reclining Seat

Although Lia is about to turn two she still takes naps and we needed something that was still able to recline to let her sleep. The Chicco Mini Bravo has 3-position reclining options perfect for your kids at any age.


Many lightweight strollers we found lacked a good sized canopy and only allowed for minimal coverage. One of Lia’s favorite features is the fact that she can pull the canopy really far down giving her coverage from the sun but giving her the ability to continue to look out. For us the additional mesh compartment is perfect to completely shade her from the sun when she naps but also give us a mesh portion to keep it from getting too hot in there.

Easy to Fold

You can fold the Chicco Mini Bravo with just one hand! It makes it so easy to put away without taking time and energy away from watching my toddler. Along with it’s ease to fold it also self standing making it very easy to store in other areas as well.


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