3 reasons child-sized furniture is important

This post is sponsored by Delta Children. However, all opinions are as always 100% my own. Enjoy.  If there is one thing Lia has total…


This post is sponsored by Delta Children. However, all opinions are as always 100% my own. Enjoy. 

If there is one thing Lia has total appreciation for it’s furniture her own size. I could make up the smile on her face when she sits down or finds something where she feels “normal”. It turns out not only is does it make Lia happy, there are also some developmental benefits to having child-sized furniture.

This table and chairs set by Delta was the perfect addition to our new playroom. Not only does she have a surface to play and color, she has enough chairs for her cousins and friends too. Check out 3 reasons child-sized furniture is so important.

Our goal as parents is to help our children develop right? Did you know child-sized furniture has great benefits for their development? Find out HERE child furniture, child-sized furniture, delta children, wood furniture, table and chairs set, child play, childrens toys, child toys, toys, toddler toys, toddler furniture, wooden furniture, small wooden table, small wooden chairs, small chairs, small table, child development, delta furniture

1.They can be independent

Did you know child-sized furniture can help support a child’s independence? Think about it, if things are their size they are less likely to ask for help when trying to use it. You are giving them more opportunities to explore their environment when things are at their reach.

2.Builds confidence

If a toddler tries to move a chair for adults it might not be as easy as moving a chair made for his/her little body. If they are able to move without assistance in and out of furniture it will sprout confidence.

3.Brings you to their level

With Lia’s new speech delay diagnosis we have been all about being at her level when speaking to her. It is a great way to show her what she says matters. We have daily tea parties at her Delta table and she loves us being close to her. Not to mention with 4 chairs there is plenty of room for her stuffed animals too.

The Delta Children Kids Table and Chair set comes with 4 chairs. You can choose from the blue and gray set, pink and white set, or the multi-color. Not only are the chairs super cute and unique, the whole set is very sturdy. The whole set is made from wood and took no more than 30 minutes to assemble. As a parent wanting more kids I love a product that can be used for years to come.

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