Palm Springs Before The Rings

All our swim is from Little Brownn Suitcase I spent this weekend in the sunny and hot city of Palm Springs with 5 of my…


All our swim is from Little Brownn Suitcase

I spent this weekend in the sunny and hot city of Palm Springs with 5 of my bridesmaids. Yes, it was bachelorette time! I wanted a relaxing and sun soaking weekend, and that is exactly what I got. Ready to see some of our fun?

My bachelorette was themed Palm Springs Before The Rings ! A relaxing weekend spent with the people I love. Read all about it and check out our bride gear! palm springs, palmspringsbeforethering, bachelorette, bachelorette party, party, bachelorette weekend, bridal shower, bridal party

We found a gorgeous house about 5 minutes from downtown Palm Springs. It was beautiful! Safe to say we were obsessed with the decor. I opted for an Airbnb vs. a hotel for a more private and intimate experience. As a mom of two what I really needed was some time to disconnect and enjoy a drink by the pool. A crazy weekend was not in my books at all.

Day 1

Our day started off with just relaxing and settling in along with adding a few decorations to the place to make it our own fun celebration. Dinner was at Las Casuelas Terrace and enjoyed with some delicious margaritas. Following dinner we headed back to the house where we enjoyed star gazing in the desert sky.

Turns out there is a cool app that traces the stars for you and shows you constellations. Of course this was done with a fun drink and poolside!

Hat is also from Little Brownn Suitcase

Day 2

Saturday was such a gorgeous day. We woke up and practically rolled out of bed into our matching Bride & Bride Tribe swimsuits, threw some shorts and sun hats on and headed out for brunch. We found the CUTEST brunch spot, Farm, and the food was as delicious as the place was cute.

We enjoyed their delicious food and super tasty and fresh mimosas. I think we spent maybe 3-4 hours brunching before we decided it was time to walk around and check out some shops. I found the cutest shoes….for Lia. Total mom thing of me to do!

After our exploration of their shops we headed back to the pool! My friend Kelly was our mixologist and made super tasty and fruity drinks (my favorite). We got to chat and hangout poolside and take some fun pictures. Because if there were no pictures it did not happen right? After our sun-filled day we made a delicious dinner and got to catching up.


Sunday was another beautiful day. My Matron of Honor busted her butt for weeks to make sure I had the bridal shower of my dreams. The theme was Karen’s Last Fiesta! She ordered beautiful paper flowers for a super fun and festive picture back drop! A polaroid was set up with a blank book for everyone to take a picture and write a message. Everything was floral and bright mexican colors. Zarapes were used as table runners and Modelo bottles were painted with gold glitter for a feminine feel.

A mimosa bar was set up with beautiful balloons all around. Papel picado, banners, and colorful paper flowers decorated everywhere! She personalized the games and even created these beautiful individual succulents as party favors.

I was showered with so much love, beautiful memories, and gorgeous gifts (some of which I was so nervous to open in front of my mother-in-law lol). You can check out some videos and images in my Instagram story highlights.

The weekend came and left in a flash! But I am so blessed & excited for the next 32 days of wedding planning with the ones I love!

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