3 Tips to Choose The Right Beer For Your Wedding

With less than 2 weeks left we are down to the nitty gritty. In the last few days our focus has been on the alcohol…


With less than 2 weeks left we are down to the nitty gritty. In the last few days our focus has been on the alcohol component of our wedding. We made the decision long ago to only serve beer and wine. But after that was decided then we had to choose the beers and wine.

Find the right beer to serve to your wedding guests might seem like a challenge. Follow these 3 tips to you with the decision.  beer, alcohol choice, beer tasting, bartending, wedding bartending, wedding time, wedding planning, wedding plans, fall wedding, october wedding, wedding blog, wedding choices

Our wine choice was selected at our menu tasting, piece of cake! Beer however…I know nothing about. I left that task to Marcos. I put Marcos in touch with our wonderful bartender Steve from Hops and Grains Mobile Bartending and they took care of the rest.

1.Ask your bartender for recommendations

Steve’s first question was to ask the style of beer Marcos was leaning towards to give him some recommendations based on that. Marcos’ choices were to have a light beer and a dark beer. After that Steve made recommendations for Marcos. The beautiful part of being located in Southern California is the access Hops and Grains has to craft beers in the San Diego area.

2.Taste them

With time against us the easiest way for Marcos to taste them was to buy a few at our local stores and then taste them over the next few days. This was such a convenient way for him to taste his different options.

3.Ask friends and family

Although we did not actually ask what beer they would want we kept in mind the beers they are typically driven towards. Marcos was able to find two beers for the different tastes of our guests.

It turned out to be a much easier process than I would have guessed. Steve was able to guide Marcos in the right direction. A plus about having a professional taking care of our bartending needs is their experience. We were able to tell him the number of guests and he made recommendations as to how much alcohol we should order to be safe!

After he made his options he simply ordered the kegs for Steve to pick up and voila. Steve will have all he needs to serve our guests out of his 1970’s remodeled horse trailer! I may not drink beer but you bet I will line up for some wine! The experience of it all is what makes his services so unique and memorable. Check out Hops and Grains Bartending services! You can find the right package for your special day!



  1. Thank you for explaining that you could ask your bartender for recommendations or even your friends and family. My daughter has been wondering what kind of beer she should provide at her wedding. I’ll be sure to pass these suggestions to her and see if it helps.

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