5 Easy Steps to Reduce Tantrums

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As you all may know…kids are the worst! Just kidding, well sorta. More like their tantrums are the worst. If you took out tantrums from their behaviors my kids would be all sweet and no sour! It’s nearly impossible to say good-bye to them altogether but I have put together the 5 Easy Steps I’m using to Reduce Tantrums.

*Warning: must take deep breath before engaging

1) Distract

Remember- take a deep breath. I know you might want to address the behavior and make them stop. But come on mamas- has that ever worked? Yeah hasn’t worked here either. Take this time to distract them. Turn their attention and focus into something else. This is the time I usually bust out good ol’ Baby Shark and my awesome mom dance moves.

2) Don’t bribe; avoid candy

DON’T DO IT! I know it will work, temporarily. But I am with you for the long haul. Although your kiddo will definitely stop the meltdown, not bribing provides you with a long term solution. The idea is to correct the behavior. Providing candy is negative reinforcement. Stay strong mama- I’m still with you

3) Be consistent

When mommy says no, mommy says no. Repetition is key. Ever hear you need to do something 28 days then it becomes a habit? Same idea here. If you stay consistent they won’t try to find any wiggle room or try to negotiate.

4) Don’t watch the show

So what do you do? Turn away, play, you watch a video, blow bubbles, continue your day. Eventually your little one will come over. You know kind of like when you go pee and the all of a sudden miss you?

5) Count to 5 in your head.

Try something like-are you ready to come? Use a calm voice with them to reassure you it’s all okay. And mamas- don’t beg. I am guilty of having pleaded for the tantrum to stop- and did it? NO WAY! If anything she got louder!

Remember mama- it is okay for them to tantrum if they need to. As long as they are not hurting themselves you can just let them meltdown and get back up. Stay strong- We’ve got this!

Throwing tantrums is a normal part of our kid's lives. What we choose to do to help them stop is up to us. Try my 5 Steps to reduce Tantrums #parenting #parents #parentlife #tantrums #toddlertantrum #toddlers #toddlerhood #momlife #motherhood #mothering #behavior


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