5 Reasons to go to Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream

Last night we got the opportunity to experience Disney on Ice’s new show- Dare to Dream and let me tell you it was a night to remember. Wondering if you should go? Here are 5 reasons to go:

1.The theme of the show

The show is called Dare to Dream and features some of the princesses who did all they could to make their dreams come true. Cinderella, Belle, Rapunzel, Anna & Elsa, and for the first time on Disney on Ice- Moana!!!! The whole show revolved around the idea of making your dreams come true.

2.The skating

Talk about skills! Each set had its own skilled skaters doing amazing things to keep us all in awe. One of my favorite parts included the Rapunzel bit! Rapunzels golden hair allows for so many daring and beautiful skating tricks.

3.You children’s reaction

This is reason enough for me to do just about anything. Zoey, my 8 year old, sang her heart out. Lia, my 2 year old, sat at the edge of her seat eating popcorn and dancing the night away. They were both so excited and into the show.

4.The gift stands

The stands around the arena are filled with so many goodies. The cups that the snow cones were sold in and bag that popcorn came in was so unique! We had never seen those before. We of course grabbed a bag of popcorn and a super cool light up snow cone cup.

5.Disney Magic

The whole show is filled with Disney Magic! Small fireworks, amazing special effects, beautiful costumes, and of course the amazing Disney stories we love.

There are still plenty of Dare to Dream shows to catch in the Southern California area. To save on your tickets use code MAMA20 and save 20% ! Have a magical day!


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