8 REALness Facts About Modern-Day Moms

I am teaming up with Baby Dove to share with you the realness of motherhood. Messy house, happy kids, & Baby Dove for makes this modern-day mom happy. #BabyDoveLove #DovePartner


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This post is sponsored by Baby Dove. However, as always all opinions are 100% my own. Enjoy.

Hello friends,

Let’s talk about motherhood. Motherhood is far from perfect. But that is okay, it’s those imperfect moments that make it so beautiful and unique. It’s those imperfect moments that make it REAL. And you all know – REAL life is not perfect. Sadly, in today’s day and age – so much of that realness is hidden from the public eye. We love to see and showcase the beautiful moments and forget to share more about the realness of our lives. Baby Dove wants to change that. Together, Baby Dove and I want to celebrate what’s REAL, and encourage you to do the same. So let’s talk about the REALNESS of modern-day motherhood.

1.Being a mom is tough

It is by far the hardest job I have ever had. Although it is by far the most rewarding, it comes with A LOT of responsibility. We are basically in charge of how our little people turn out & everything revolving their lives for at least 18 years! AND – we don’t get paid for it…unless you count cuddles. The most difficult part of it is the judgment you receive for every decision you make. Modern-day moms suffer from so much pressure.

2.Making decisions is tough

YES! YES! YES! Making decisions related to our kids and family can weigh heavily on us. What if we make the wrong choice? The best thing we can do is take a deep breath and make the decision we feel is best. Trust your mom gut, mamas – it’s there for a reason.

3.Finding the right products can be tough

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4.Moms need breaks

Whether you are a SAHM, a working mom, or a WAHM, you deserve a break. Break time for me most often comes at bath time. More times than not, my husband will take over bath time to give me some time to decompress. They both enjoy that time and he loves using our Baby Dove Moisture Tip to Toe Wash. Mama handles the lotion part. It is such a great way to create bonds between other family members and your little ones, and provide you with much needed time to take a deep breath.

5.Moms want support

We not only want, but we need support. We need to know we are not alone. Support from our partners and family is always great. Another great form of support comes from those fellow mothers around us. I encourage you to find a group of like-minded mothers you can talk to. With social media at our fingertips, it can be so easy to connect with someone across the globe. Heck – send me a message! I am always up for making new friends and reminding you – you are not alone.

6.Moms want to be real

My goal since I began blogging has been to be honest. I want to share it all. The beautiful, the messy, the ugly, the outrageous of motherhood. Because being REAL is what is well…real! We work long days, have piles of dishes & laundry we wish we did not have to tend to. I am guilty of staring at a basket of laundry and wishing I could snap my fingers to make it fold itself. Part of the pressures new moms feel because of social media is the idea of perfection. There is no such thing, especially not in motherhood. Our social media feeds are full of only the beautiful moments. Where is the real? Motherhood is messy, let’s celebrate that!

7.Moms do their best

We really do. No matter how big or little our actions seem, we always do our best. It is so important to remember, mama, you are doing your best. Celebrate what is real and celebrate what you accomplish! You deserve it.

8.Motherhood is beautiful

The most beautiful part of my life involves my children, sorry husband. Just kidding! (Well, sort of!) It involves my husband and kids. Sure, there are meltdowns, dirty clothes, toy messes everywhere – but it’s us. It’s what makes my house a home. That mess is made by my kids having fun. And in its own messy way, it’s beautiful. Motherhood is beautifully imperfect.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Baby Dove.

I am teaming up with Baby Dove to share with you the realness of motherhood. Messy house, happy kids, & Baby Dove for makes this modern-day mom happy. #BabyDoveLove #DovePartner https://mammabearsays.com/2018/12/8-real-facts-about-modern-day-moms/


  1. I really like this post! You’ve mentioned so many good points too (II know all Moms do their best, 100%) and I also LOVE all those photos you took 🙂

  2. My good girl, I applause you for not sugar coating mom’s life! So many people fake it, that it’s almost a miracle that somebody finally tells the way it is!

  3. Being a mom is the most stressful job on the planet, but also the most rewarding. I’m just glad there are more resources available today than there were years ago. Thank you internet!

  4. I can relate with all of these especially number 5 and 6, I think society need to emphasize authenticity more, not every day of a mom’s life is picture perfect.

  5. I feel that every little move I do as a mom is judged honestly! Lately, I have felt pressure to have more kids (I have twin girls- I see you are about to have twins- congrats!!) and it has been very tiring and lonely for me, Every situation is different, so we all need to stop comparing ourselves to others. Easier said than done, right?!

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