How to Get Your Child to Eat Different Foods

I received the Guidecraft Kitchen Helper for my review. However, my opinions are 100% my own.  Hi Friends! This week has been very eventful when…

I received the Guidecraft Kitchen Helper for my review. However, my opinions are 100% my own. 

Hi Friends!

This week has been very eventful when it comes to Lia’s eating & involvement. As I shared last week with the help of Dawn we learned Lia is a problem eater. Fortunately we walked out with some solutions and tips for this diagnosis. Since then we have been executing them full force and we have seen such a huge amount of growth with just these simple steps.

Keep Introducing New Foods

I have been told repeatedly not to give up on new foods. Whether she tries it or not the first time, we offer it again at a later time. This gets her familiar with the food. Maybe the first time she ignores it, the next time she might poke at it, or who knows maybe she even tries it. The more she sees it the more curious she gets and the more she is willing to try it.

Have Them Help With Cooking

This has worked wonders! I mean WONDERS! Foods she would never attempt to eat are now being tried. The biggest contributor to this has been our Kitchen Helper from Guidecraft. The Guidecraft Kitchen Helper is a safe and easy to store piece of furniture perfect for making your kitchen accessible to your little ones. We LOVE it! It is so easy to fold and store away and you are able to control the height to make sure your growing child can still use it.

Lia loves to take part in all of the cooking now and runs to her Kitchen Helper as soon as she sees us heading in to cook. I love that she can get in and out easily but still remains safe. Check my Instagram for the chance to win your own! They make the perfect gifts this holiday season!

Make Food Fun

Whether it’s the process, the meal itself, or the experience- make it enjoyable. Some days we make smiley faces with the food, others we have a dance party while we cook, and others we just engage in giggling sessions while eating. No matter what you choose and what your lifestyle allows for- make it fun!

Use Dips

Dawn shared the importance of letting them dip. Don’t worry if they eat more ranch than broccoli, this will help introduce different foods and textures to your child.

Involve Them in Cleanup

As soon as Lia says she is done we help her off the chair and walk behind her to the throw her leftovers in the trash. I know you must be cringing at the thought of throwing away food, but Dawn gave us this tip, and it works! The first time she just tossed it in the trash, a few times after that she said “bye-bye” to the food, until we got to the point of her quickly grabbing what she could off the plate and eating it because she knew once it went in the trash there was no getting it back!

Although these tips might not work with everyone, when done consistently they worked wonders on my kiddo. I hope they can help you too mamas!

Getting a problem eater to try different foods can be torture! I'm sharing some tips and tricks we have learned and how they have helped Lia eat new foods! #eating #feedingtoddlers #toddlers #problemeater #pickyeater #pickyeating #pickyeatingtips #parenting #makefoodfun #kitchenhelper


  1. I have a 21 month old who will not anything I have tried every single team out there and she can’t eat anything. She’s getting to a point where she can help me in the kitchen hopefully that will help. thank you for sharing this.

  2. Love these tips! Getting my son involved has always made trying new foods easier. Even now that he is older (8 years old) he is more likely to try a food he had a part in making. Thanks for sharing!

  3. My 4-year-old has been picky since she started eating solid foods and now my 2-year-old who used to eat anything is starting to be picky. I am bad about offering them the same foods over and over. If they’ve rejected it once I usually leave it off their plate. I am going to change that. Thanks!

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