10 Differences Between Singleton & Twin Pregnancy

Let’s try for baby #3 we said…I thought it would be a breeze. Just when I thought I knew everything about being pregnant, labor, and raising babies I got a HUGE surprise. Baby #3 turned out to be babies #3 and #4. Turns out guys…I don’t know as much as I thought haha! But I am learning and sharing! So what’s so different about being pregnant with twins? Let me fill you in…

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1.People’s Reactions

I mean ALL people’s reactions. We got a lot of disbelief when we first told our family and friends. To my Instafam- you guys were so supportive and excited! Our family and friends were in shock…some still are in shock. We basically walked around with our sonogram picture to prove it lol. Along with shock and disbelief some family members are afraid and nervous for us-I guess two babies is not for everyone.

2.Our Reaction

The first 3 weeks after we got that positive test we went from the normal excitement to questioning whether twins was a possibility. People think we are nuts because we had a hunch there were two. The truth is everything about the pregnancy felt EXTRA and fast causing us to wonder if we had one or two buns baking. At our first ob appointment our hunch was confirmed. We were also shocked but excited. Sure, we know it’s going to be quite the adventure and super new, but we are ready and excited.

3.Morning Sickness & Breathlessness

To start off I never felt morning sickness with any of the girls. At 5 weeks I was feeling nauseas and grossed out by certain foods. It felt all too soon. Once twins was confirmed our ob mentioned twins can make morning sickness worst than when pregnant with singles. It has since gotten better, but there are still days I just can’t handle it.

And breathlessness- its real! I find myself more out of breath than usual. What causes that? Added levels of progesterone are to blame. Not to mention as I get bigger there will be two babies pressed against my diaphragm.

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4.Bump size

I’m sure it’s a combination of twins and the fact that its my third pregnancy, but my baby bump has been out for show since about week 7. I haven’t work my regular pants since week 6 because they just felt uncomfortable. I feel like I look 5 months pregnant already. Since then I have learned to embrace it and enjoy my baby bump before it all just gets uncomfortable.

5.Frequent peeing

I know all pregnant women feel my pain. However, with the girls I did not get woken up by the urge to pee until the third trimester. Currently I wake up twice during the night. At first I fought it and tried to hold it…but guess what changed? I got a UTI-probably as a result of holding it. SO DON’T HOLD IT!

6.Baby product researching

The products I need to research and shop for have changed! Double strollers, two cribs, two car seats, a twin nursing pillow? Most items are the same but choosing a double stroller is seeming like the most crucial decision I will made lol!

7.My birth plans

Zoey was born via c-section due to her being in distress during my induction. Lia was born via a successful VBAC. Originally when we thought of 1 baby the VBAC seemed an obvious choice. Now with twins the risks are higher and we have decided our priority is getting them into this world safely. I have come to terms with having another c-section.

8.My timeline

Did you know full term for twins is 38 weeks and not the traditional 40 weeks? It was news to me too! When c-sections are scheduled they are typically scheduled 2 weeks prior…meaning our twins would come around week 36. Basically I loose a whole month! lol. Our baby shower will be earlier so we can take our time with their nursery and so I can have time at the end of my pregnancy to relax.

9.My day to day

My name is Karen and I’m a workaholic. I have always been one of those people who runs around all day long. This pregnancy is teaching me how to take it easy. I take naps now! I have to take a 20 min power nap mid day in order to survive the rest of the night. I’ve also learned to ask for help because everything seems extra delicate.

10.My appetite

I have cravings! I will crave things I see on TV or on Instagram, randomly- and I better get it- or else! I am also hungry all day. I eat every 2-3 hours and am better off with small meals all day vs the traditional large meals.

Everything just seems to be happening much faster yet taking much longer, if that makes sense. I am enjoying every little moment and making the best of this unique and hopefully once in a lifetime experience lol!

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    Megan Dennis
    January 22, 2019 at 1:33 pm

    I have good few years before I’m ready to be a mom but I enjoyed reading this because I have sisters who are twins! Best of luck to you and your family during this exciting time!

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