5 Easy Tips For Good Oral Health During Pregnancy

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Hello Friends!

Hope you guys are doing well. Today I wanted to talk to you about the importance of good oral hygiene during pregnancy, and share the ways I practice good oral hygiene during pregnancy. During pregnancy is it so common to talk about your physical and emotional health; weight gain, nauseousness, medical conditions, etc. But one thing we don’t hear enough of is our oral health during pregnancy, which believe me is still super important, even on the go!

Did you know that March of Dimes shares some studies linking gum disease to premature birth? Crazy I know! Due to all the hormonal changes in our body during pregnancy we are more likely to develop; gingivitis (red, swollen, or sore gums), loose teeth, periodontitis (sever gum disease), tooth decay, and in some cases even tooth loss. So how do you help maintain good oral health and fight your hormonal changes?

1.Brush & floss frequently

Flossing is so important! Gently flossing your teeth once per day can help remove any unnecessary plaque and gunk caught in your teeth. Make sure to clean your teeth and gums at least twice a day. I know that your gums may be sensitive due to the hormones but you can try a soft toothbrush like a children’s toothbrush to brush your teeth and gums. I know that asking you to brush 3 times per day might seem like a lot. However, there are some great on-the-go products that also help promote good dental hygiene perfect for us mamas always on the run.

2. Pack your bag with on the go must haves

I love having products I can use on the go. Whether I am dropping and picking kids up from school, running errands, or at my doctor appointments I seem to find myself on-the-go and on the road more often than not. I quickly learned that being on-the-go does need to interfere with my health & oral hygiene. With LISTERINE® READY! Tabs® found at my local Rite Aid I am able to tend to my oral health no matter where I am. And right now at Rite Aid with this limited time offer, if you purchase a special LISTERINE® Mouthwash, you can try READY! Tabs® for free!

With LISTERINE® READY! Tabs® you can UNLEASH YOUR CLEAN with three easy steps:

1. CHEW for at least 10 seconds to activate the tablet and transform into a liquid.

2. SWISH for 30 seconds for a whole mouth clean feeling.

3. SWALLOW the liquid and experience fresh breath and a whole mouth clean feeling wherever you are!

READY! Tabs have so much for you! There is no mouthwash or liquid within them. However, when you chew you turn the tablet into liquid making it easy to swish in your mouth and you can safely swallow it. And right now at Rite Aid with this limited time offer, if you purchase a special LISTERINE® Mouthwash , you can try READY! Tabs® for free!

3.Get regular dental check ups

I know, I know- adding another appointment to your schedule right now might not seem ideal. However, it is so important to go get a routine check up during pregnancy! A teeth cleaning never did anyone any harm.

4. Keep a healthy diet

Our diet is such a key contributing factor our body, from our body to soul. It is no different with our teeth. Make sure to include a variety of fruits and vegetables as part of your daily diet. By eating a variety of nutrient-rich foods from all the food groups you help promote healthy teeth and gums.

5.Drink plenty of water

Avoiding sugary drinks is so important. All the sugar from those drinks sticks to your gum and teeth causing plaque and decay. Remember we are more susceptible to tooth decay during pregnancy! Drinking a minimum of 64 oz of water will do wonders for your health.


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