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This post is sponsored by . However, all opinions are 100% my own! Hello Mamma Bears, A few months ago I realized how much…


This post is sponsored by . However, all opinions are 100% my own!

Hello Mamma Bears,

A few months ago I realized how much I love to try new products! I know it seems like Whoa lady you’re a bit late, but as I become a new mama again the ability to try new products and see if I like them is a huge benefit. This month I received a box from BabbleBoxx with a ton of new goodies to try with my kids and share with you. Because one thing I love is sharing all the new products I love! So what was in my box?

Baby Bodysuits

As mammas you know we cannot possibly own enough baby bodysuits or onesies as I like to call them. I feel like ¾ of my kid’s laundry as babies was baby bodysuits lol! This time I got to check out the bodysuits from Fruit of the Loom. Did you know they have baby bodysuits? Neither did I. Fruit of the Loom literally has something for everyone in your family! The best part is their new Grow and Fit Bodysuits are made to grow with your babies 6 months at a time- providing you with a longer lasting bodysuit!

So what do I love about them? For starters they are made from the same breathable fabric as many other Fruit of the Loom products providing ultimate comfort, mobility, and making them very lightweight for our little ones. You can even get them as part of their Breathable Gift Sets!

Kiwi Co Subscription Box

I sure love subscription boxes! Kiwi Co is a subscription based company providing boxes with STEAM age appropriate activities! They range from toddler to teenager aged activities. As the wife of an engineer- we are totally pro STEAM activities and Kiwi Co makes it that much easier for us! We got to try the tinker crate for my older kid and she loves being able to learn while engaging in a fun arts and crafts activity ! I mean check her out below!

Awesome part- you can try your first month FREE & only pay the $4.95 shipping and handling fee!

Snip-its Shampoo & Conditioner

We love kid-friendly hair care. My girls are so picky when it comes to shampoo & conditioner. They love products that leave their hair shiny and soft and mamma likes products that are free of harsh chemicals. With Snip-its we got that healthy balance. Not to mention the fact that it is gentle on their scalp, eyes, and skin.

The Snip-Its Swimmers Solution shampoo is a clarifying shampoo perfect for removing the chlorine or any type of medication found in your hair and scalp without stripping their hair from it’s natural oils and luster. For best use-use 1 to 2xs per week in place of their regular shampoo. The Snip-Its No Yellin’ Melon conditioner is perfect for me as a mom. Why? Well it is a crème based conditioner that can be used on the daily to restore moisture and strength to my girls’ hair. It both nourishes and softens their hair making hair-do times more relaxing and without so much yelling!

In the months of May and June you can get the Swimmer’s duo for $20.

Lunch Notes from Me! from MyWish4U

If you, like me, are always looking for ways to connect with your kiddos you will love Lunch Notes from Me! You can choose from two different options; Facts & Funnies and Riddles & Giggles. These school lunch notes can be used with ease. They are ready to use and all you do is tear-off! They are great anytime and anyplace: school lunches, camp lunches, dinner table, car rides, vacations, playdates, family gatherings and just about anything else you can think of.

Mammas this was a great round of new products for our home! The bodysuits will come in handy with the arrival of our two little ones! The Kiwi Crate subscription box has been so educational already for my kiddos and the Snip-its shampoo & conditioner are lifesavers for routine parts of our life!

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